Yarn Bombing 18th St.

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Yarn Bombing 18th St.

1639 18th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
June 18th, 2011 - July 8th, 2011
Opening: June 18th, 2011 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

santa monica/venice
(310) 453-3711
Mon-Fri 11-5:30


If you have ever thought to yourself, “Hey, that tree could use a sweater”, or “I wish I could add some color to this drab environment”, or “Wouldn’t it be great to cover the riffle in that old statue with something soft & fuzzy” then we have an exhibit for you!... The act of Yarn Bombing combines the art of street installation with needlework to create colorful, unexpected, funny and sometimes political messages in a venue shared by everyone. From handmade parking meter cozys to whimsical vignettes of crocheted sparrows fighting over french-fries, knit work raising questions about technology to unraveling performances about memory or crochet that demonstrates hyperbolic geometry theories in 3-D, Yarn Bombing 18th presents the work of over 50 individuals that push the knit/crochet envelope in public art format.

Dezryelle Arcieri, Tristan Tyler Blodgett, Jane Brucker, Brian Chambers, Christy Stout Chambers, Thomas C. Chung, Stephanie Clark, Maureen Cox, Jason Currie, Laura Mae deLeon, Darlene Dibona, Deb Diehl, Saeri Cho Dobson , Katelyn Dorroh, Beth Elliot, Jacque Lene Rogers Engel, Nurcan Ensari, Giovanna Forsyth, Michelle Glass, Margaret Hatfield, Christy Hernandez, Amy Caterina Hill, Heather Hoggan, Kate Jackson,  Amy Inouye, Sule Kaya, Nilgun Kayirsi, Muge Kocarslan, Julie Kornblum, Arzu Arda Kosar, Leora Lutz, Mary Anne McTrowe, Margaret Michaels, Gracie Miller, Lauri Mraz, Burcu Musluoglu, Rosalyn Myles, Racquel Ormsby-Olivares, Megan O’Neill, David Orozco, Chloe Palmer, Joanna Pawlik, Jacob Riggle, Connie Rohman, Isabelle Roybal, Hasmik Seropyan, Cindy Short, Elena Siff, Jason Sober, Ann Storc, Laura Teasley , Terrilynn, Kacy Treadway, Guinevere Turner, Sibel Ucmakli, Kristy Walker, Jillian Wallis, Darlyn Susan Yee, Lori Zimmerman