Standing Waves

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Novelty Vortex, 2011 Inner Tube And Rope 33" X 33" X 11"
Standing Waves
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1733 - A Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291
June 25th, 2011 - July 23rd, 2011

santa monica/venice
+1 310 399 0294
Tue-Sat 11-6 and by appointment.


Marine Contemporary is pleased to present, Standing Waves, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles based artist Dennis Koch. Standing Waves is a collection of abstract, colored pencil drawings and sculptures that appear to resonate; dipping and shifting in patterns of motion. Exploring the fractal vibratory qualities of Cymatics, the study of visible sound and vibration, Koch uses repetition and recursion to map subsystems of lines and... color. He then layers, refracts, or creates interference patterns to observe the emerging self-organizing geometric patterns.

Referencing various physics related theories, Koch challenges the on-looker to decipher a visual language and coded system found within the work. Through applying the principles of Systems Theory to his own art making process, Koch’s layering of multiple steps or subsystems accumulates to create the larger superstructure. It is through the experience of the repetition of these subsystems, that Koch intuitively generates a self-correcting feedback-loop to find the solutions to the greater whole. It is also through this rhythmic interplay of chaos and reintegration, that the artist renders the cohesive energy of each piece.

The sculptures entitled Novelty Vortex, made of rope and inner tube, are modeled after the Rodin Coil, a potential free energy device created by mystic mathematician Marko Rodin. The sculptures on the back wall of the gallery are arranged in the shape of a flower, to draw a link to how this mythic energy manifests itself in nature and throughout the universe.

Each hexagonal “clock face” in the drawing Saturnian Time Matrix is subdivided into three or four black and white triangles. The black triangles merge with the underlying black hexagram matrix, to create an undulating Sierpinski Triangle, comprised of fractal triangles.

Koch’s interest in the theories of various savants in the field of physics, human consciousness, cosmology, parapsychology and the free energy movement, put Koch in a very distinct position as an artist. Koch’s meticulous and psychedelic color pencil drawings are a visual hybrid between op art, abstract expressionism and the geometric formalism of modern design. His ability to create visual shifts in depth, results in large part from the artist’s mark making, which, though repetitive, dogged and even tedious in nature, produce an unexpectedly rich and saturated palette. The result of this multi-layered way of making marks on paper, results in dense and matrix-like color drawings that are at once forceful and disarming. With Koch’s exhibition, Standing Waves, he captures the interactive vibrations we do not see, but create in the world we experience. Although seemingly abstract, Koch’s works are direct representations of theories and in that sense, not abstract at all, but instead the visual manifestations of a mathematical code. Koch takes what is 'out there' and brings to light the hidden principles that underlie the world’s natural processes.

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