Art, Music & Culture Show

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Art, Music & Culture Show

901 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, California 90015
May 12th, 2011 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

downtown/east la
(424) 213-0996
By Appointment
sculpture, traditional, pop, conceptual, performance, graffiti/street-art, digital, mixed-media, photography


"Art, Music & Culture Show"
Part of the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk

@ The Blackstone Building 901 S. Broadway L.A., CA 90015
...Thursday May 12th, 2011, 6pm – 11pm
See video of last event:

Curators: Derek Tadashi takeuchi & Efren Luna

ARTISTS: Conchita, Efrain Martinez, George Jacob, Raul Arellano, Robin Bott, Efren Alvarez, Anthony Castro, Jose Lozano, Eric Valdez, Bart Cooper, Efren Luna, Conchita, MER, Yeyo Internacional, Jason Saunders and many more!!!

Live music: Majic Bullet Theory
Music set by DJ's: Thee Dope Show, S.O.U.L.-O, Abel, Khari Santiago, & Luman

Come see great Art, enjoy live painting and hear some hot selections from S.O.U.L.-O., Thee Dope Show and DJ Abel. With performances by Khari Santiago, & Luman ...and take in the mighty MajicBulletTheory's Funky Jazz!

Takeuchi Galleries

Art, Music & Culture
MER is an emerging visual artist, based in Long Beach, California. She has an extraordinary sense of observation and is able to capture the beauty of faces that inspire her. MER shares the importance of better understanding people is to “Open your eyes to a world beyond your own”. Her paintings have been in many group exhibitions in Southern California and Mexico. Her vision is to also educate through art with multicultural focus.

George Jacob’s uninhibited use of color creates vivid portraits, ethereal landscapes and blooming abstracts. His intention is to help elevate human awareness, bringing people to higher states of consciousness through the viewing of his work, awakening the joy and tranquility in people’s lives.Through modeling George was given the fortunate opportunity to travel the world, and study the depths of different cultures, religions, and philosophies. During his travels, he took several vision quests and personal journeys of his own. As he states in his own words, “I love that I am able to bring beauty and peace to others through my art. I paint with joy, hoping that it will sing to others and give us a glimpse of the invisible wonder of Divine Love. Painting came to me like a gift from God and continues to unfold as a journey of wonder and discovery. To see the soul come through the faces I paint, gives me great happiness.”

Eric Valdez began producing paintings that quickly found their way into various group art exhibitions. Though he had been able to effectively express himself with little formal training, Eric realized that he would soon feel limited by his own abilities and recently began to further his artistic education. He is presently studying art and graphic design at both Pasadena City College and Platt College.
Eric has produced works that have been directly influenced by all aspects of popular culture, but it is music that has had the greatest influence on the majority of his paintings.

Anthony Castro is a photographer who has resided in Long Beach, California for the last four years. He lives a pedestrian lifestyle. Walking, he feels at a slower pace and as a result has gained a visual luxury. Currently his photography is part autobiography. Anthony tends to shoot subjects he feels a common identify with, part documentary the actual taking of the photograph, and part fiction. Fiction is the Photoshop element of his work, Photoshop lets him remove some of the reality and put in some fantasy.

Diego "Yeyo" Aguirre Macedo, also known as “Yeyo Internacinal,” was born in Santa Ana, California from parents of Mascota, Jalisco, started his career as an artist in 2006. His style as an artist has been established as an urban-realist with different themes of society, history, culture, and nature."Yeyo," his nickname in the art world, attended California State University Fullerton where he graduated with a double major in drawing/painting and art education. He received his teaching credential in the same university to become a professional instructor in the arts. Also, he attended Goldenwest College and graduated with a degree in fine arts. Since 2006, Yeyo has participated in various exhibitions in southern California in the cities of Hollywood, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Pomona, Fullerton, Anaheim, Long Beach, and Irvine. some of the well known galleries and events that he has participated in were Project Ethos Avalon in Hollywood, Forgotten Saints in Hollywood, SCA Gallery in Pomona, the Yost in Santa Ana, the Regent in Los Angeles, Koo's gallery and AMC Gallery in Long Beach, and Plaza Gallo in Los Angeles. Also he was invited as a special guest artist on Titan Indie Underground Radio with Sister Savior aka DJ Gracek. In 2009, for the first time in his career he exposed his paintings in the state of his parents in Jalisco, Mexico being a special guest artist of the National Foundation of Independent Artists for the 2009 art tour in Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque, Mascota, and Guayabitos, Nayarit. On august 2009, Yeyo started his art movement "RUN MTA" (I Run Mascota) in the city of Mascota. During his six month stay, Yeyo opened up an art studio where he taught art to the community and exhibited the works of his students. On February 9th, 2010, Yeyo was recruited by Ixtaccihuatl Castro Medina, director of the Casa de Cultura, to promote artworks produced in the city of Mascota. On February 13th, 2010 Yeyo began the new artistic movement of Casa de Cultura in "El Parquesito" currently known today to the local artists as "El Parque de los Artistas". Today, local artists paint every weekend at this location to create awareness of artistic Mascotense talent. Today, Diego "Yeyo" Aguirre is currently working on more artwork in Southern and Baja California in preparation for another art tour with NFIA and with other art organizations.

Bart Cooper – Bart is an Award winning Artist that is relatively new to the fine Art scene, though in no way new to Art. Bart has been creating Art since he was a child. Further developing his skills Bart graduated from a BV Technical Institute with a degree in visual communications. Immediately after graduation he was offered a job to teach as an instructor for the school in which he had just graduated from. After teaching for a few years Bart left to worked corporately for the American Bible Society. He eventually broke away as a free lance studio Artist. Throughout his entire career creating art for major corporations and studios, he always had a passion to continue his journey in fine art. He is best known for his mastery of colors and the ability to contrast them in a uniquely captivating manner creating vivid and explosive works.

Efrain Martinez, a 24 year old, works and lives in Los Angeles. He was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and moved to Los Angeles at the age of seven. For him growing up in Los Angeles was not as glamorous as it sounded. His Parents had to do what they could to get by and as they worked, his teen years were divided 60 % of his time went to school and younger siblings, 39 % went to graffiti, and the other percent went to learn some basic art skills. He has learned skills through practice and fellow artists influence. His current art reflects animation, drawings and painting, aerosol and graphic arts. He attends Santa Monica Community College when he has time. These days he has changed his street art to canvas. His style is a fusion of urban graffiti inspiration and has integrated acrylic aerosol on canvas and mixed media. He has participated in art exhibitions at various Los Angeles venues and surrounding cities and has also painted live at various art venues and festivals. Efrain, at his young age his cofounder of Vees Cafe ( In the coffee shop you can find many of his artworks and his artists’ friend Jason Saunder's artwork displayed. When his not in the coffee shop you can find him taking classes from fellow artists Izrael Martinez, who has influenced his art.

Jose Lozano is an artist/Muralist from Southern California. He has been actively creating arts and has been painting murals for over 10 years and as he says, “plan to keep painting for 40 more”. He believes art can improve your quality of life, especially when you share it with others. He encourages people to be resourceful, be Creative, and to communicate their Message.

Efren Luna is an artist/curator that has as a goal to continue creating artworks that benefit and engage the most number of members of society such as murals, themed works, participation in cultural events, exhibitions and live painting. He has participated in festivals. He has organized live painting and installations at community celebrations and art exhibitions. Because it is important for him to promote the arts, he is the Founder and Director of the organization ART, MUSIC & CULTURE (A.M.C) with aims to reach artists and communities locally and worldwide through shows and events and cultural festivities. A.M.C’s goal is to extend information for art, music and cultural events to artists and communities and to engage artists and communities in the current art scene. Efren is also a member of Long Beach Gallery Association where he is part of the art community that helped create and currently promoting the newly rebranded “Long Beach Downtown Art Walk” EFREN LUNA is an Artist, Art Curator, Art-and-Music show organizer, writer, and philosopher. He studied Art at the schools of art at LBCC (AA Dregre in Art) and CSULB (BFA in Drawing and Painting).

Jason Saunders is a California artist and metal smith who has been fabricating art, furniture, and architectural elements for more then a decade. His work has appeared on national television and in several of Los Angeles's multi-million dollar homes.

Raul D. Arellano – Los Angeles based Artist Raul D. Arellano is a modern day master painter. His works include figurative abstract, abstract, surrealism, realism, still life, impressionism and plein air. He is also a sculptor, screenplay writer and actor. Raul has been painting for almost 20 years. With a long history of education and scholarships, Raul ended up attending the Art Institute of Chicago. He explained his formal training has enabled him to pour out his emotions fully into his work. He says‘‘My works are expression of impressions that dwell in my subconscious. Daily, we are exposed to or bombarded by millions of stimuli. Whether we accept or reject them, the truth is they affect us. I respond by and large, based on intuitive interpretations and through any medium at hand. “My artworks are interpretation of what nature (physical world) is not but what the subconscious sees it to be".

Efren Alvarez is a San Francisco based artists. His works includes both paintings and photography. In this show, we will be exhibiting photography works from his album “Mexican Wild Flowers” these select beautiful images give you a close look at the wild and stunning exquisiteness. Come and enjoy these images as they will also be available for purchase.

Robin Bott comes from a family of artists and her creativity has been fostered by her parents since a child. Following this path, she has taught children in many local schools and art programs including Palos Verdes Art Center, Angels Gate Cultural Center, Los Angeles County of Education (LACOE), Long Beach Parks and Recreation Arts and Music Camp, along with visiting local schools to teach under-privileged kids. Her creatively designed art projects have been adopted by other instructors throughout the area. Robin is an imaginative and versatile artist who works in many mediums. She finds that working in 3-dimension allows her more avenues for self-expression. Her works are frequently noted for their whimsical style and her inspiration often comes from dreams. Robin loves working with children and teaches art to all ages from pre-schoolers to adults. For the past three years, her focus has been on creating and teaching others to create mosaic murals. The murals have been either commissioned, or created by students and donated to their school or institution. Robin has conducted art workshops for kids at the 2nd Saturday Art Walk in the East Village Arts District in downtown Long Beach. Children’s workshops sometimes include a puppet show featuring a variety of puppet characters that she has created including everyone from “Vera the Magnificent” a flamboyant mystic to “Dr. Smiley” a toothless dentist. Currently, she is teaching art classes through Angels Gate Cultural Center, Palos Verdes Art Center, and LACOE.