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Fathom, Rotation (in progress), 2011 Clothing Pattern Paper, Mending Tissue 70 X 66" © Jennifer Reifsneider
Vergence, 2010 Masking Tape, The Circumference Of My Head 9 X 9.5 X 2" © Jennifer Reifsneider
Slip Grid, 2011 Twine, Thread 93 X 36 X 36" © Jennifer Reifsneider
Caesura, 2011 Artist's Condensed Breath Circa 2003, Open Glass Bottle With Eye Dropper 3 X 3 X 4" © Jennifer Reifsneider

1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, CA
May 22nd, 2011 - June 22nd, 2011
Opening: May 22nd, 2011 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

long beach
M-F: 12-5 pm; Wednesdays: 12-7 pm; Openings on Sunday evenings
mixed-media, installation, conceptual, sculpture


The Gatov Gallery at California State University, Long Beach will feature new sculptures and installations by Jennifer Reifsneider in an exhibition titled Cipher, on view from May 22-June 2. An opening reception with the artist will be held on Sunday, May 22, 5-7pm.


Reifsneider’s new works exist in tension between labor and stillness. She mediates ideas about desire and fallibility in layered, falling, and evaporating forms made from millions of stitches, thousands of slips of tape and paper, or drops of condensed breaths.


Physical engagement with process and handwork and interests in language, science, and cartography drive the content of Cipher. Reifsneider harvests materials rich in associative meanings, such as used bedding and maps, and organizes them according to measurements and movements derived from her body. The collision of conceptual logic and embodied form inspires her systems of location and approximation. Her artworks may surprise viewers in their subtle but specific manipulations that filter, flatten, expand, or unravel information.


“Language is used to establish relationships with the world, and memories of the past to reset expectations for the future,” Reifsneider says. “I’m trying to work in the gaps between these ideas, to organize them with a kind of absurd, active emptiness. That’s the cipher, emptiness that breaks the cycle of identification.”


Reifsneider relocated to Long Beach from Montana in 2008, and received a residency award from California State University to attend the MFA studio art program. Reifsneider’s past work has been featured on the cover of English Journal and is in the collection of the MoMA / Franklin Furnace Artist Book Archive. Recently she exhibited her work at the Torrance Art Museum (2009), received Coastline Community College’s first Artist-in-Residence award (2010), and twice served on the jury for the exhibition Greater Los Angeles Master of Fine Arts (GLAMFA, 2009, 2010).


Contact: Jennifer Reifsneider, 562-343-3863,,

Gallery Hours: M-Th 12-5; W until 7. May 28-June 2 by appointment, contact the artist at 562-343-3863 or

Location: The Gallery is located on the CSULB campus, 1250 Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach, CA. Follow 7th Street to East Campus Drive. Free parking Lot 7 Sunday only. Metered parking adjacent to Lot 7 & in Lot 8A.