“LA LIVE” ART SHOW – A show of all LIVE Painters

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Matthew Caple and His Beautiful Belly & Fire Tribal Dancers from Soul Ignition will be doing a LIVE FIRE SHOW
“LA LIVE” ART SHOW – A show of all LIVE Painters
Curated by: Derek Takeuchi

901 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, California 90015
April 14th, 2011 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM

downtown/east la
(424) 213-0996
By Appointment
graffiti/street-art, performance, conceptual, pop, landscape, surrealism, figurative, modern, traditional


For Immediate Release March 15, 2011

Contact: Derek Tadashi Takeuchi

Ph: (424)653-7338

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“LA LIVE” ART SHOW – A show of all LIVE Painters and Guest DJ's

Food will be provided by Vees Cafe. Please see Vees Cafe's website @

Matthew Caple and his Beautiful Belly and fire tribal dancers from “Soul Ignition” will be doing a “LIVE” Fire Show!

@ The Blackstone Building 901 S. Broadway L.A., CA 90015 Thursday April 14th, 2011, 6pm – 11pm.

 ARTISTS: Conchita, Efrain Martinez, George Jacob, Melissa Leslie "MLove", Michael Pukac, Michael Craig Carrier, "Kiki,"Ray Kruger, LARK, Raymundo Gardea, Raul Arellano, Drika Dupetit, Robin Bott, Rob Padilla, “Rebornz,” Tony “Tee” Reyes and many more!!!


Curator: Derek Tadashi takeuchi

Downtown LA, CA – “LA LIVE” is a group Art Show of various artists, with different styles, mediums and ages ranging from 24 to 77 years old as well as a vast range of price points. All Artist in this event will start off with blank canvases and create works of Art on location. We will also feature work previously created as well.


Michael Pukac – America’s WINNER  of the Global Art Project and Contest “Art Battles!”Which was a nation wide contest of live painters. As the WINNER of this contest, Michael Pukac will be leaving a week after this show on a 3 month European Tour to Spain and France as part of the Grand Prize for this contest!!Michael Pukac, Alabama born and Los Angeles based artist has quickly established himself as one of the more prolific live painters as well as made a name for himself by exhibiting constantly and relentlessly throughout the Art World both nationally and globally. His unique blend of seductive, classical imagery is cross pollinated with a witty, contemporary edge of subtle satire – all doused in reflective paint.

George Jacob – George Jacob’s uninhibited use of color creates vivid portraits, ethereal landscapes and blooming abstracts. His intention is to help elevate human awareness, bringing people to higher states of consciousness through the viewing of his work, awakening the joy and tranquility in people’s lives.

Through modeling George was given the fortunate opportunity to travel the world, and study the depths of different cultures, religions, and philosophies. During his travels, he took several vision quests and personal journeys of his own. In his own words, “I love that I am able to bring beauty and peace to others through my art. I paint with joy, hoping that it will sing to others and give us a glimpse of the invisible wonder of Divine Love. Painting came to me like a gift from God and continues to unfold as a journey of wonder and discovery. To see the soul come through the faces I paint, gives me great happiness.”

Melissa Leslie "MLove"

Melissa J. Leslie was born of Stephen and Julieta Leslie with two older brothers Bryan and Brad in Louisville, Indiana. They are the first generation from her mother’s side from the Philippines. Her father was born and raised in the mid-west. There he met her mother in
a church where they later married.

They grew up as a middle class family but, set apart from the masses, they didn’t watch t.v. like most families did. Her parents and grandparents always gave them gifts and toys which had some type of goal to achieve by putting pieces together to build a final product or
art. At an early age her grandfather always gave her charcoal and paper along with old comic books that showed different faces and poses in which she soaked in all the visual information like a sponge.


She became so fascinated by her mother not only because she was her mother but because of how she stood out around her surroundings. She would become inspired watching her mother’s long black hair almost touch the floor as she cooked meals from scratch. As she grew older she noticed her mother was different from the neighbors in that she was of another culture. She often asked of her mother’s past upbringing only to find this peaceful woman had a pretty tough upbringing. She never really brought it up on her own and when asked was never resentful or angered in which most would be. Going through the stories in her mind, Leslie found the reason her spirit was at peace even though they would receive countless stares at public stores. People literally stopped what they were doing in silence just to watch them pass. She often wondered if it was the beauty of her mother they would be awed by or if it was their color as they looked at both of them. Leslie’s experience in the Mid-West ignited her enough to where she would one day depart Indiana and move to the West coast. Her mother would continue to inspire her by the way she lived.
Even at times young Leslie couldn’t live up to her spiritual accomplishments like smiling with pure kindness at the face of others hate. Those were the things Leslie wished to attain more than the riches of the world.


She attended Jefferson High School in Lafayette, Indiana where a lot of mischief went on as well as levels climbed on the art technique ladder. As if being stuck in a place where art wasn’t appreciated wasn’t enough, after graduating she then went on to Vincennes University, where she studied computer graphics. This stagnant time of remaining in the flat lands and not creating to her fullest potential lead her over the edge and her urge to move grew stronger by the day.
She had to go where her heart was screaming at her to go. After arriving in San Francisco she could finally exhale and knew it was a place where she could fit in and grow in her artistic endeavors. She attended the Academy of Art University knowing the only reason she went there was to be in San Francisco and have a school loan to back her living. Art school to her was a big scam and believes it doesn’t take a paper to say how great you are rather a body of work that
speaks for itself.


Her passion for reggae music began to grow and her spirit was calling her back from being submerged in the concrete jungle party life. She had been too busy catching up with the city that she had abandoned her first love, art. The hole in her heart sucked the life out of her and she reached for her heavenly Father to pull her back into what He needed her to be. There she found the embers that were once blazing fires of passion to create. She picked up the brush and threw herself onto the canvas. There in her one bedroom apartment on California street, “City of Hendrix” came to life. Four more musical artists were born on canvas as the paint seemed to flow out of her fingertips immediately after. Soon after, Club Six would be the first place she showed in the city.

Her goals are met daily now that she has embraced her gifts and tuned her spirit and into the word. She continues to move forward in her journey to make her clothing line MLove Couture a success as well as pursue the visions in her

mind as an artist. She looks forward to having her line in boutiques and possibly some mainstream shops. As far as her art, she would like to open her own gallery in the near future that will also house her clothing line.

She is constantly being asked to show in galleries across the west coast and getting more publicity across the web and in print.

She has been told by fans how much her work has inspired them as well as evoked thoughts that take them back in time or touch on issues with the environment or politics. She hopes to touch others for the kingdom of heaven and hope she can shed light in dark places.

Michael Craig Carrier – Michael C. Carrier is an ecological abstract assemblage artist. For over 20 years he has combined his artistic abilities as a photographer, designer, builder, sculptor and painter to create mixed medium works assembled from a minimum of 85% post-consumer materials. It is his intent to send a message as to the ecological challenges we face such as overpopulation, over consumerism, cleaning up our environment… as an artist he truly redefines the term “Pro Green!”


Ray Kruger – Ray Kruger at 77 years old has been painting for over 60 years. He is a true American Painter. In his Plein Air style Ray Kruger paints with rich, earthy tones combined with his wide brush strokes and creates an incredible mood depicting an almost surreal feeling to the viewer. He attributes some of his style to a television series that he had to do an entire demonstration in 27 minutes flat. In an interview someone asked him how he could possible create such a wonderful work of Art in such a short amount of time? As he shared this story with me, he gave me the most humble and gentle smile followed by a hearty laugh as to what he told the person that posed that question, he said I told the interviewer “Son it took me over 50 years to learn how to do a painting in 27 minutes” As quoted in one of his books that has been published of 133 original paintings of his, Mr. Ray Kruger wrote, “Art is a record of my family moments and characters, birthdays, celebrations and gatherings. The circle was small at first and intimate, then it grew to encompass a town and later America. I have to find shreds of what was and what is, to paint a changing country whose freedoms are waning. In my search for America, I find clues to a past that included Mom and Pop businesses. They are colorful reminders of a time when there was a chicken in every pot!”


“Rebornz”- Randy “Rebornz” De Leon used to be known by another name. His former street name is unimportant as it represents the life he used to lead, hanging around with a Los Angeles tagging crew, slipping out at night to cover the streets with his art, getting guns pulled on him by gang members or shop owners, searched by police, falling off roofs, all in pursuit of the only way he knew to develop his signature street art. As his path got darker and darker he found his wake up call when he was hauled off to jail. It created his artist epiphany, a new identity as he realized there needed to be more to life, another way to survive and create. Rebornz art was created in 2004 after the artist himself was reborn. He found other means of developing his art and graduated with a degree in communication arts. Randy De Leon’s illustrations are centered on his beliefs and everyday life.


Rob Padilla - Padilla's style is best described as the "farside of cubism," due to his influences of Picasso and Gary Larson along with Latin contemporary masters. A linear style defines his unique perspective of imagery with vibrant color that suggests whimsy. Unlike like other juxtaposed styles, his self-taught artistic expression pokes fun of fun. Whether it be a cartoon character or seductive feline, one feels the sense of a good time or bad one, whichever makes you smile.Padilla's early artistic aspiration was to be a syndicated cartoonist. He began as a staff cartoonist for the Saddleback College weekly newspaper. His drawings highlighted heavy commentary on the opinion page and illustrated features in the student magazine. In 1983, the JACC, California Journalism Association of Community Colleges, awarded Padilla for his artwork as editorial cartoons and magazine illustrations. At the time, Rough Beat was his cartoon masterpiece about the life and jokes of a garage rock band, which Padilla developed with three writers he found through a student newspaper ad. 28 years later Rob Padilla is still going strong with countless private and public Art projects, numerous collectors and having touched and brightened up the lives of so many over his long career.


Raul Arellano


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