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2525 Michigan Ave. Unit F2
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March 5th, 2011 - March 31st, 2011

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ADC Contemporary Art Gallery

Factory Place Arts Complex

Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles

1330 Factory Place ,BUILDING i

Los Angeles, CA, USA 90013

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Media Contact: Marisa Caichiolo– Gallery Director‐323‐839‐5786


Open from March 5th. 2011 and running through March 31st. 2011, ADC Contemporary Art Gallery at

Factory Place Arts Complex in The Arts District is pleased to present “BEYOND the INNER SPHERE” a two man exhibit

Pablo Castaneda from Mexico and Steve Kim originally from Korea.

The exhibition includes a collection of artworks from both artists latest body of work.

These two artists work within their inner sphere and play with some imaginary planes that work to connect the viewer with

the spaces between spheres.

Steve's paintings are seemingly incomplete and in most of cases, these canvases acting as planes, are playing the role of an

inner connection between the dualistic planes of material and shadow.

Castañeda's works translate these intimate planes as he experiences them: a dynamism within the static and still. They

become open doors into which the viewer may contemplate scenes from the inner sphere….from his inner sphere.

"The Inner Sphere is the center of the Great Beyond, sitting at the hub of creation surrounded by the Astral Plane. It is

composed of the immensely huge, yet finite layers of the Elemental Planes, which surrounded the Material and Shadow

Planes, which are in turn separated by the Ethereal. At the metaphysical center of these sit the dualistic Positive and Negative

Energy Planes”.


Multidisciplinary artist. He has a degree in graphic design and advanced courses in Fine Arts from the State Center of the Arts

in Mexico.

His work has been selected for various publications and magazines in Mexico.

He received first prize for painting at several biennials throughout his country, 11th. Biennial of Fine Arts of the Northwest,

2nd. National Award , Jose A. Monroy in 2007 and 2008 in Guadalajara, among others.

He received the FOECA scholarship for young creators.

He has participated in many group exhibitions nationally and internationally and several solo exhibits within his country.


Born in Seoul, Korea, Steve Kim immigrated to The States at young age.

His work has been featured in New American Paintings Pacific and 15th anniversary editions also in Blue Canvas recently.

He has shown in Portland, Berkeley, and throughout Los


Steve Kim paints everyday scenes from his life in an attempt to transform visual experience.

Using photographs of seemingly mundane events, Kim renders them almost unrecognizable by

employing a skewed perspective, leaving large sections of canvas blank and morphing everyday

events into something uncanny and unsettling.

Pablo Castaneda Pablo Castaneda Steve Kim Steve Kim

Journal #18 , Oil on canvas, 21x30” Journal #24, Cachanillas in Los Angeles, 17x27” Epic, 72x108”, Oil on canvas Women’s Work, 48x72”

Oil on canvas

About ADC Contemporary Art Gallery

The gallery is now located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles ARTS DISTRICT at the FACTORY PLACE ARTS COMPLEX, Building i.

ADC was founded in Los Angeles in 2005 by Argentinean group of artists and collectors.

Their goal was to create an art space that would bring the imminent creativity and imagination of contemporary international artists to Los Angeles audience, with an

installation of Museum quality exhibitions.

The gallery now is dedicated to the promotion of national and international contemporary artists, with an appreciable number of renowned artists which are well

appraised by international established collectors, providing also quality and affordable original art for emerging collectors.

Thanks to the elevated reach and broad spectrum of its program, ADC has excellent pioneering new venues for exposure in Mexico, South America, Asia and Europe.

Hence the vital role it currently plays as a nexus between artists, collectors, art critics through the world and as an important reference point within Los Angeles art


The gallerie's strong curatorial direction an focus on the international art, expand the borders of our knowledge of Contemporary Art.

With the "BUILDING BRIDGES" International Art Exchange Program created in 2007 by the gallery and a Cultural Art Center in Mexico , the gallery was recognized

internationally and also was providing to artists the possibility to be part of the exchange, art fairs, artists residences, and more.

Building Bridges is sponsored by each participant country, Museum and Cultural Center to promote and exchange their represented artists.

Founders: ADC Contemporary Art Gallery/ Marisa Caichiolo, Director & CEARTE, Art Cultural Center / Jaime Delfin Villafuerte, Visual Arts Director