Hybrids: Khalid Hussein & Noah Haytin

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Bull Market, 2011 Acrylic On Canvas 40x72 © Khalid Hussein
Hybrids: Khalid Hussein & Noah Haytin
Curated by: Jordan Elgrably

5998 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90035
January 28th, 2011 - February 28th, 2011
Opening: January 28th, 2011 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

culver city/west la
Mon-Fri 10-6; Sat 11-5
photography, mixed-media, surrealism, figurative


January 2011; Los Angeles, CA:

HYBRIDS is a dynamic new exhibition featuring two younger multimedia artists—Khalid Hussein and Noah Haytin—whose work explores power, identity and American and Middle Eastern ideologies. Both Hussein and Haytin express their creativity in strong colors and layered textures. What if Francis Bacon were an Arab? Or Chagall a Moroccan? HYBRIDS will open at the Inside/Outside Gallery (Levantine Cultural Center), 6-10 pm, 5998 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90035, on January 28th, 2011. The two-man show runs through February 28, 2011.

Khalid Hussein
(1985) works in a variety of media from oil painting to sculpture installation, with emphasis on representations of race, identity, history, and violence. His paintings imitate the continuously inhabited cities of the ancient world, superimposing multiple images, styles and cultural referents on top of one another in palimpsest-like layers. He constructs paintings over paintings, allowing the incomplete erasure and replacement of one with the other to create deliberate and automatic effects of visual tension and unexpected harmony. Traditional cultural forms, abstract tiles and arabesques, seep into images drawn from daily news, propaganda, and commercial marketing, collapsing the temporal barriers between past and present, east and west. Hussein suggests that he approaches the image as a historiographer, allowing background and foreground, body and geography to meet, compete, and coexist on a single plane.

Noah Haytin (1975) is a San Francisco-Bay Area born mixed media artist who currently lives and works in both California and Morocco. This unique cross-cultural perspective informs Haytin's work. Eastern and Western iconography, globalization and the complexities of identity are themes he addresses. Utilizing a layering aesthetic and images from traditional drawing, painting and photography, Haytin creates collages that are not only whimsical and light, but also disquieting, reflecting global security issues. Haytin is a recipient of the 2010 Fulbright-Hays Grant and has exhibited in the U.S. and internationally. Originally from California and now working internationally, his work has been exhibited at venues such as The Armory Show in New York, 18th Street Arts Complex in Santa Monica, the Riverside Art Museum in Riverside, as well as at several galleries in the Kingdom of Morocco. Well-known artists, curators and critics have singled out Haytin's work, among them Kim Abeles, Michael Duncan, Peter Frank, Ronald Lopez, Chris Miles, Tyler Stallings, & Michelle Urton.