High Task Frequency

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High Task Frequency
the attention you deserve, 2011 Cast Concrete, Steel, Galss, Enamel Dimensions Variable
Owsley Fucks Charlie Brown in the No-No, 2011 Markers And Pencil Dimensions Variable
Rim Shot, 2008-2010 Ink On Canvas 48" X 48"
Seed Syllable, 2011 Mixed Media Dimensions Variable
High Task Frequency
Curated by: Janet Levy Projects

8687 Melrose Avenue, Suite B274
West Hollywood, CA 90069
January 20th, 2011 - March 11th, 2011
Opening: January 29th, 2011 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

west hollywood/b.h.
917 604 3114
mixed-media, installation


See Line Gallery presents a group exhibition High Task Frequency curated by Janet Levy including installations and sculptures by Dewey Ambrosino, Taft Green and Jason Yates with each artist's work referencing the structure of sound.

Dewey Ambrosino's installation "Seed Syllable" is an exploration of form as it is created through sound and the synthesizing properties of light. Drums, jukeboxes and monitor cabinets are all ways of enclosing and embodying the emptiness for the displacement needed in sound production. These implements, which are made of molded plywood, are cut into cross sections and composed into envelopes of light that emanate into a perceived structure. Light, as energy, exhibits both the wave motions of sound and the particulate properties of matter and helps us imagine and navigate the envelopes of pulsation that are form.

Taft Green's sculpture entitled "the attention you deserve" is a reversal of terms. Starting with an arena setting, the sculpture shrinks the grandiose scale of spectacular viewership into a manageable framework of a conversation setting. Pulling the active event back to static symbols of an event, such as concrete molds of security cameras, allows the viewer and participant to see the kind of position they occupy. Vicarious actions and identifications within the given spectacle are projected onto by the invested ego. Performing egos on both sides of the arena are enraged and enlarged through the comparative status of the performing ego to other contenders. The ego depends on another's assessment to maintain its status. A group unites the individual, celebrating the ego's unfathomable power of individuation

Jason Yates's wall drawings, etched mirror and line painting contain an intensity and repetitiveness in movement that relate to graphs of frequency. The wall drawing, "Owsley Fucks Charlie Brown in the No-No", references Owsley Stanley. Stanley designed some of the first high-fidelity sound systems for rock music, culminating in the massive "Wall of Sound" electrical amplification system used by the Grateful Dead in their live shows, at the time a highly innovative feat of engineering. "Repetition is not only how things are done but also how they are undone."

Janet Levy is a curator and gallery founder/director born in Los Angeles, CA. She presented her first curatorial project in Luzern, Switzerland in 1990 and brings years of curatorial, gallery and marketing experience to her success in producing and promoting significant projects by prominent contemporary artists. Levy has demonstrated an extraordinarily intuitive ability for selecting talented visual artists and, in 2006, she founded See Line Gallery, an exhibition space dedicated to supporting the work of these exceptional contemporary artists.

See Line Gallery hours Monday - Friday 11am - 5pm Open Saturday 1/29 & 2/12 11am - 4pm and by appointment. Email For further information regarding the exhibition please contact Janet Levy cell 917 604 3114