Standard Deviation

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Standard Deviation
Standard Deviation (Gallery View)
Sucker Too, 2010 Paint, Adhesive, Metal 12 X 12 X 13.5"
Fidelity to Original, 2010 Mixed Media On Paper 20 X 26"
Kinski Prop (Variation 3) Green Anaconda/Barre, 2009 Mixed Media Dimensions Variable
important packages on and around piano bench, 2010 Cardboard, Paper, Painter's Tape, Fabric From Unwanted Clothes, String, Latex Paint, Piano Bench Dimensions Variable
Country Club Flicker 1, 2010 Light Jet Print 24 X 36"
Reflection, 2010 Graphite, Tape, Resin On Duralar And Wood 24 X 16"
Untitled Pipe End #1, 2010 Graphite, Colored Pencil On Duralar In Pipe End 5" Diameter
Clown School, 2010 Mixed Media On Canvas 60 X 60"
Monk Table, 2010 Maple Plywood, Rope And Satin 12 X 24 X 24
Breakwater wave (magenta-violet), 2010 Collage On Arches Paper 15 X 22.5"
The Big Pay Back, 2010 Mixed Media Installation Dimensions Variable
Standard Deviation
Curated by: Janet Levy Projects

8687 Melrose Avenue, Suite B274
West Hollywood, CA 90069
November 18th, 2010 - January 11th, 2011

west hollywood/b.h.
917 604 3114
works on paper photography installation sculpture


Closed for the holidays December 23 - January 5

See Line Gallery presents a group exhibition, Standard Deviation, curated by Jenny Le and Janet Levy , including works by Alex Artigas ,  Reggie Casagrande, Taska Cleveland, Sam Combellick, Zoe Crosher,  Sean Daly, Jen DeNike, Christopher Haun, Patrick Holeck, Seth Kaufman, Karen Lofgren, Sean Brian McDonald, Lesley Moon, Rachael Neubauer, Brooks Salzwedel, Natascha Snellman, Andre Vippolis, Jason Yates. Including sculpture, installation, photography, works on paper.

Standard Deviation: to shift, split away from the norm, average. the two idiosyncratic worlds of Jenny Le and Janet Levy merge within the realm of the exhibition "Standard Deviation." Departure from the norm and escape from the expectation of models regarded as the common value, the works selected showcase a collective that reaches away from any typical curation formula. This exhibition assembles established artists alongside fashion designers, photographers, directors, and architects. Offering the viewer an opportunity to look at a variety of distinctive works interacting together rather than formulating standards in which the works should derive.

Jenny Le is an avid art connoisseur and director of Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles. She has over 15 years of fashion background having worked for Prada, Costume National, and Stella McCartney and has orchestrated some noteworthy events. Jenny involves most of her time delving into philosophical discourse having an extensive shadow of philosophy and social language theories.

Janet Levy is a curator and gallery founder/director, born in Los Angeles CA. She presented her first curatorial project in Luzern Switzerland in 1990. She brings years of curatorial, gallery and marketing experience to her success in producing and promoting significant projects by prominent contemporary artists.  Demonstrating an extraordinary intuitive ability for selecting talented visual artists.  In 2006 Levy founded See Line Gallery, an exhibition space dedicated to supporting the work of exceptional contemporary artists. Since its launch, See Line Gallery has garnered critical acclaim from local and national press outlets and quickly working to establish the careers of several emerging artists including Ebony G. Patterson in addition to collaborating with significant established artists and curators.


See Line Gallery hours Monday - Friday 11am-5pm and by appointment. for further information regarding the exhibition please contact  Janet Levy cell 917 604 3114