“The Silence Between Lines”

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“The Silence Between Lines”

2525 Michigan Ave. Unit F2
Santa Monica, California 90404
October 9th, 2010 - November 3rd, 2010

santa monica/venice
Tue-Fri 11:30am-6:00pm, Sat 12:00-6:30pm
mixed-media, performance, modern, traditional


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The Silence Between Linesa solo exhibition by CHIYOMI TANEIKE LONGO  and

a celebration of  the Gallery first anniversary at FACTORY PLACE ARTS COMPLEX in Downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, CA- ADC Contemporary Art Gallery presents “The Silence Between Lines” an amazing exhibit to celebrate a wonderful first year anniversary of ADC Contemporary Art Gallery at FACTORY PLACE ARTS COMPLEX.


This exhibition includes artwork from different periods of time and as well as the new body of work from the well known and established artist Chiyomi Taneike Longo.

It  features small and large scale pieces from her series, Kaicho of Sumi,  White Passages and Seed of the Mind.

Originally from Japan , Chiyomi lives and work now in San Jose, her work is based on the balancing of materials oil, charcoal, etc; Japanese brush paintings and western abstraction; and content; often structured, sometimes chaotic , with biomorphic forms.

However it is always about nature and about the opposition of natural forces; male/female, sound/silence and especially the blending of her two cultures; Japanese/American.

“Chiyomi Longo’s art is thus grounded in the appreciation for nature that pervades all aspects of the Japanese sensibility. The pace of nature, natural cycles, and the scale and texture of natural forms all define the flavor of Japanese civilization; likewise, they constitute the very core of Longo’s painting, determining both the pulse of the work and the very reason for its existence. Longo does not merely look at nature; she loses herself in it, dissolving the boundaries of identity and experience. Such boundaries traditionally prompted Occidental artists to regard nature, however sympathetically, as something outside their being and, instead, something subject to their perception. By contrast, the modernist Western response to nature, mystic and empathic, has taken its cue from the East. Longo follows in this well-established sub-tradition, continuing to bridge traditional Eastern and recent Western approaches” Peter Frank.


An Opening reception will be held on SATURDAY,  OCTOBER  16thth., 2010 from 6:30pm to 10:00 pm.

PERFORMANCE   8pm  by KIO GRIFFITH,  an extraordinarily versatile artist originally from Japan.

The exhibition will run from OCTOBER  9th. to NOVEMBER 3rd.  2010.

RSVP for the Opening to  323-839-5786 or Email at