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Metaphor © Courtesy of OCCCA
January 31st, 2008 - February 23rd, 2008
Opening: February 2nd, 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

orange county
(714) 667-1517
Mon-Wed by app't; Thurs and Sun 12-5; Fri-Sat 12-9; first Sat of month 7-10


Linda Southwell
Asphalt roads and freeways shaped my childhood. The concrete Los Angeles River rarely had water in it. I remember, as a young girl, trying to imagine what this place looked like before it was covered up. My work is an expression of a yearning for connection to that earth.

Rebecca Erbstoesser
My work addresses gender issues, popular culture and environmental concerns. I construct paintings on paper that reveal stories, both fictional and real, using templates and other drawing devices. The essential nature of the paintings question contemporary attitudes towards humanity, culture and the condition of our environment.

Vicky Hanrahan
This body of work is comprised of small pieces of paper that have been cut, stained and then taped together to create flawless forms. In emulation of our extensively modular environment, the pieces of paper are trimmed to similar shapes and sizes and placed together in a repetitive format.

Maneli Jodat
My paintings are a documentation of personal and everyday life experiences and observations. They represent a natural sanctuary for trust, self-confidence and clarity. Like any life experience, they are reminiscent of good and not so good moments convolved and transcribed in some distilled form in layers of colors, recognizable imagery, mark making, and unreadable text.