Koh-i-noor and Sea and Space Exchange

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Koh-i-noor and Sea and Space Exchange

4755 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042
August 7th, 2010 - August 15th, 2010
Opening: August 7th, 2010 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

eagle rock/highland park
Sundays 1-5pm, for special events and performances & by appointment
mixed-media, digital, installation, video-art, performance, conceptual, sculpture


Please join us Saturday August 7th
7-11pm in Los Angeles and 5-9:30pm in Copenhagen for...

An underground cultural exchange between Koh-i-noor, Copenhagen and Sea and Space Explorations, Los Angeles.

Sea & Space Explorations

4755 York Blvd Los Angeles CA 90042

OPENING:  Saturday August 7, 7-11pm
EXHIBITION TIME:  August 7 – 15, 2010
GALLERY VISTING HOURS:  Saturdays and Sundays 1-6 pm
or by appointment, please write:

An underground cultural exchange between Koh-i-noor, Copenhagen and Sea and Space Explorations, Los Angeles. Thirteen Danish artists will show August 7th:

Stine Marie Jacobsen Present for Kirk Douglas Sample
Photo and text about a social horror project.

Jens Axel Beck Family Portrait, Pioneer  / Remake of The Pioneer 10 Plaque, Measurements / Bottle Message, Something Else/ Surface Grind Off
4 works: C-print / Gold- anodized aluminum and paint / Bottle, stopper and pen on paper / Sandpaper and sanding block.

Gudrun Hasle the day i decided to quit antidepressives
In this video an actress is reinacting the precise moment in my youth when I decided to quit antidepressive medicin. The video is recorded in the kitchen of the institution where I used to live.

Sonja Rendtorff Speaking with words previously recorded
A sound collage/montage of female voices from films shot in LA

(aka the Heap of Janes or the Über Jane Heap) was a 24-hour group experiment, an assembly of 7 performing bodies, 7 somnambulant parts, programmed to become aspects of Jane Heap/ jh. [single screen version]

Heidi Hove Pedersen I am not here
Brass plaque with black engraving for the public space of Sea and Space

Jesper Carlsen Slip Owl
Manipulated video and computer animation. "Slip Owl" is a direct translation of "Smutugle" which is the name for a common  Moth (Noctua pronuba).The reason for the name being that when you think you have caught it, it slips away.

Jacob Borges Get to know your neighbor
A stack of ordinary household water glasses and a photograph.

Rasmus Røhling A  Love Supreme
Through different layers of media the initiator reenacts an interpretation (from masturbation to prayer) of Coltranes jazz-album success "A Love Supreme" released in 1965.

Michala Paludan 77 Slides
77 slides bought for 20 cents a piece at the CalArts library sale, chosen by me from a large pile of slides for no particular reason.

Mette Hersoug No title. An investigation into architecture, phantom limbs and memory. Sound and projection.

Jane Jin Kaisen & Gus Sondin-Kung Seodaemun Prison on a Sunday
A video work that documents a former Japanese prison located in
South Korea on a Sunday afternoon.


Koh-i-noor is an independent project space and non-profit organization run by a group of artists based in Copenhagen. Koh-i-noor was founded in 2004 and has since then produced a number of exhibitions, discussions, film screenings, and performances.

Koh-i-noor aims to provide and uphold a collaborative, process-related, informal platform for open thought, information exchange, spatial experiments, interdisciplinary approach and to maintain a reflection on contemporary art. Although operating within an international network, Koh-i-noor's activities are also informed by and related to its local context and situation. The focus of Koh-i-noor is to create a space for experimentation and to have an influence on the discourse of contemporary art. Koh-i-noor seeks to ensure a critical distance and take position towards contemporary cultural and social conditions.

For more information and schedule of events, please visit

Sea & Space Explorations
in Koh-i-noor
Dybbølsgade 60, 1721 København V, DK

OPENING: Saturday August 7, 5-9:30pm
EXHIBITION TIME: August 7 -- 17, 2010
GALLERY VISTING HOURS: Saturday August 7th, Sunday August 8th, and Thursday the 12th from 1-6pm or by appointment, please write:

Seven Californian artists and performers will show August 7th in Copenhagen:

Lara Bank, You Will Make Changes for the Better
Mantra dispenser sculpture

Chris Candelaria, A Friday Evening In Highland Park, CA
An installation depicting the ambient surroundings at Sea & Space Gallery on any given Friday night in Highland Park, CA.

Chris Colthart, CalHal
Omniphonic Frippertronic sound performance

Donna Coppola, Blindly Handing Out Directions
The 4th piece in a series of blindfolded performances.

Amy Blount Lay, The Last Time I Tried To Be Human, I Almost Died.
A portable microinstallation exploring the Selkie myth.

Amy Green, Untitled
Feltscapes, saturated bursts of colors and atmospheres with stained and dyed felt. 

Asher Hartman, Resurrection
Climbing a stairway to Heaven in the manner of a highly lubricated Rubens with arthritis, three small paintings.

Founded in 2007 as a non-profit artist run gallery, Sea and Space is a highly collaborative venue dedicated to presenting challenging contemporary art practices largely unsupported by commercial spaces. The space hosts exhibitions, lectures, workshops, performances, and happenings. Sea and Space Explorations is a portal to a place where notions of good and bad, market constraints, and fixations with progress are understood to be peripheral, where artists take risks without fear. This space hosts artists whose practices resonate with the conceptual, theoretical, relational, and political.

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The project is supported by the Danish Arts Council