Negative Never Again

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© Courtesy of the Artist and Thinkspace
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Negative Never Again

6009 Washington Blvd.
90232 Culver City

July 9th, 2010 - July 30th, 2010
Opening: July 9th, 2010 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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Los Angeles, CA (June 22nd, 2010) - Thinkspace is pleased to present ‘Negative Never Again’, an exhibition of new works from Japan based artist Yosuke Ueno, in what will be his debut solo exhibition with our gallery following numerous group show appearances. This will be Ueno’s first solo show in the United States in almost five years. Also showing concurrently in our project room will be Waking In the Dark, an exhibition of new works from New York based artist Dan-ah Kim, in what will be her second solo exhibition with our gallery following a residency at the Can Serrat International Art Centre in El Bruc, Spain where the majority of this exhibition was created.


Yosuke Ueno creates illusory landscapes rife with icons both puzzling and perfect. He’s something of a cartographer, scientist and child all rolled into one. He’s an exclamation point splattered in paint, the person underneath the tablecloth at a boring party, weaving himself a story. His universe is a refreshing dose of positive elements and colossal hope he’d like to share with the entire world.


Ueno’s world is a menagerie of symbolism. Skulls, swans, elephants and scissors, they all pop out in peculiar places much like an image would in a hidden picture game. The difference is that these images stand for something precise. They too speak a language of innocence. With this show Ueno aims to further expand his world and visual vocabulary with some of his largest paintings to date and the addition of new sculptural works.



Yosuke Ueno was born in Japan in 1977. He has been building his world since a young child and had his first solo show in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1994 at the young age of 16.


Ueno’s themes are very cosmic and his palette often includes red, green, yellow, and blue. These colors represent the four bases of DNA: adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine, or in simpler terms, A, T, G and C., molecular elements that all animate beings share. Vibrancy of palettes aside, his works bears a message; that all animate beings have equal worth.


Ueno’s work has shown with some of the most established galleries within our movement. The artist has also taken part in major exhibitions in his home country of Japan at the Shimoni-Seki Museum (Yamaguchi, Japan) and Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan) and the work ‘eFil’ (from his solo show last year in Japan) is currently touring major museums in China as part of a special traveling exhibition.

Take a ‘Sneak Peek’ at the works for ‘Negative Never Again’ coming together:


Check out a great 'image key' to the recurring symbols and characters in Ueno’s work here:


Artist website: