Summer Invitational

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Summer Invitational

200 North Cedros Avenue
Solana Beach, Ca 92075
June 3rd, 2010 - August 29th, 2010
Opening: June 3rd, 2010 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

san diego
By appointment
pop, landscape, figurative, sculpture


SUSAN STREET FINE ART GALLERY is pleased to announce our 2010 Summer Invitational featuring new works from a select group of contemporary fine artists.  This year’s exhibition will showcase paintings by Benjamin Anderson, Dan Gualdoni, Jenn Shifflet and kinetic sculptures by Brad Howe and Therese Lahaie.  A concurrent exhibition in Gallery ll will feature beach scenes by gallery artists: Isabel Brown, Peter Loftus, Duncan Martin, John Maxon, and Nicole Strasburg.

This years Summer Invitational introduces a number of new artists to the gallery beginning with Benjamin Anderson.  Anderson, a Santa Barbara based painter, uses water as his visual vehicle to blend themes of beauty, war and materialism in this irony soaked series, JUST ADD WATER.  Diluting and distorting the lines of perception, Anderson presents a pleasantly disorienting series of vibrant, large-scale oil paintings depicting a universe where water immerses and transforms familiar everyday objects.

St. Louis artist Dan Gualdoni’s intimate seascape paintings hover between pure abstraction and natural realism with engaging atmospheric studies depicting low horizon lines and ethereal scenes reminiscent of foggy, Irish coastlines.  His tonalist style creates fields of color in which one tone bleeds seamlessly into another, topped with an overglaze, lending to Gualdoni’s soft, glowing surfaces often mistaken as encaustic or even photographic in nature.

Jenn Shifflet’s ethereal and organic paintings are an exploration into the inner experience of time, fleeting moments of perception, and reflections of the natural world.  Using ripples, ringlets and drips of varying hues and shades, this bay area artist’s paintings are slowly built up of many thin transparent glazes that eventually create deeply saturated color, luminosity and an expanded sense of space.  While embodying a symbolic relationship to the natural world, Shifflet’s paintings intend to remain ambivalent in their references, creating a place where time and personal resonance may unfold slowly through subtle interplays of color and shifting light.

Malibu sculptor, Brad Howe’s colorful mobile-esque kelp forests employ shadow and motion to celebrate the beauty and vitality in nature.  Using stainless steel, aluminum and polyurethane, their structures are composed with actual or implied kinetic properties aimed at exposing energized moments between connection and disconnection, as well as between strain and serenity.

Bay Area Kinetic Sculptor, Therese Lahaie, animates glass, demonstrating its affiliations with light, water, and air.  Utilizing an unusual combination of glass, steel, motors and fabric, the visual vocabulary speaks fluently in the language of the sciences, the natural world and contemplative practice.  The mesmerizing waves evoke both seascape and landscape in a subtle erotic dance.  The pieces invite viewers to not only look, but to connect to their own rhythms of heartbeat and breath.

Summer Invitational 2010 is a diverse thematic exhibition by an exceptional group of artists with work ranging from calm and meditative to lively and energetic. The show runs June 3rd - August 29th, 2010.  An Artist Reception will take place on Thursday, June 3rd, from 6-9pm.  For further inquiries, please contact the gallery at: / 858-793-4442.  415 So. Cedros Ave, Solana Beach, Ca, 92075.