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Foot Village Digital
PakuPaku, 2010 Mixed Oil, Acrylic, Spray Paint
Stark (video still) Digital
Timid Altimeters And Big Boy Pants (video still) Video
IE Digital
Gender Dysphoria (still frame) Digital Animation
Tetris: The Movie (still frame) Video
Captain Ahab Digital
Vermicide (digital still), 2010 Digital
Timid Altimeters And Big Boy Pants (video still) Video
Bobb Bruno Digital
Gender Dysphoria (still frame) Digital Animation
Blanka Mixed Oil, Acrylic, Spray Paint
Curated by: Walt Gorecki

325 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
July 10th, 2010 - August 7th, 2010
Opening: July 10th, 2010 8:00 PM - 11:59 PM

silverlake/echo park
7-10pm for opening or by appointment
video game digital video-art, video, animation, Multimedia mixed-media installation conceptual, pop, surrealism, modern, sculpture



coming soon to Pehrspace: TETRICIDE
A multimedia exploration of the many facets of video game culture - focusing primarily on "old school" video games, embracing a pixelated aesthetic. Through interactive and experiential means the audience member is invited to become a participant in the work. Exhibitors include emerging artists from Los Angeles and beyond, incorporating elements of installation, video, and digital media.

running July 10th 2010 - August 7th 2010
opening reception 8pm-Midnight July 10th
gallery hours - Mondays 2-6 or by appointment
call 213.483.7347 for an appointment

opening reception Saturday July 10th
Free. 8pm- Midnight

performances by
Back to the Future the Ride
Wet Mango

this will also be the video premier of the Back to the Future the Ride music video, directed by Felix Lee.

Catering by Julian Yoland
Beer sponsorship - Nakhon Beer
Monster Energy drinks also on site from 8:30-9:30!

This event also is particpating in LA Record's 100 -
celebrating the 100th issue of LA Record, and supporting the CalArts Community Arts Partnership program

new work from:

J.R.Baldwin - video
Animator & designer for theoretical science fields and the entertainment industry - part time chef & writer.  He has worked for SpaceX, CERN, Paramount and Warner Brothers. Favorite video game: Portal

Rachel Cole - installation
Currently in a musical realm with members of HowardAmb, LA Fog, and Best Coast.  Extreme Disneyland enthusiast.
Favorite Videogame: Tarzan for PS2

Stanislaus Dyro III - installation
Jack of all trades musician, technology enthusiast, writer, graphic designer, and consultant that has worked with animation giants such as 20th Century Fox, Dreamworks, and Warner Bros. Based in Echo Park, CA. Favorite video game: Starcraft

William Lu - 2D and Installation
A gamer and music fan combined in one. He has worked several varying jobs in retail all the while playing games and going to shows in his free time. Favorite video game: Street Fighter

Craig Miller - 2D and installation
Musician, filmmaker, sculptor, and nerd culture enthusiast. Currently experimenting with dual-image brain melting technique. Born and raised in Southern California. Favorite video game: Super Mario Bros.

Luis Naranjo - video
He's someone who works on Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Wedding montages with 90% of his time. The other 10% is spent playing video games, making music, and sleeping. He's currently writing an album/demo reel to send out to video game developers in hopes that he'll someday get his music in a game.Favorite video game: REZ

Jim Tozzi of PFFR - video
PFFR Forever Ltd. is a Brooklyn based production company/art collective/electro-rock band. Active in television comedy, they wrote, directed, produced and starred in the MTV2 variety show Wonder Showzen (2005-2006) and the Adult Swim CGI series Xavier: Renegade Angel. Favorite video game: BattleWorms

John Pham - 2D
An artist based in Los Angeles, John Pham is the author behind the comic series Sublife. He also works on various art projects involving animation, illustration, design and fine art. Favorite video game: Street Fighter

walt! - video, 2D and installation
Currently resides in Los Angeles where he works as an illustrator and presents a variety of gallery installations, events, and publications under the guise of "walt! productions." He previously acted as a Creative Director at L'KEG Gallery in Echo Park. Favorite video game: Darkstalkers

Clark Walter - installation
Originally from Kansas, Clark induces hallucinatory states of blackout drunkenness on a daily basis to create works of art in the realms of video-paint-sculpture-installations in which to perform graphic performances with marionettes. Favorite video game: Boogerman

Austin Wolf-Sothern - video
A San Francisco filmmaker, actor, Tetris Master, and writer.  He directed the short bulimia comedy No Fatties, a mild cult hit on youtube, and his writings on film have appeared on various websites and in zines.  Favorite video game: Tetris.

Sam Yurick - video
A screenwriter, musician and video artist.  His illustrated ongoing concept-mixtape, "Infinite Ammo" is currently being recorded and released. Favorite video game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.