"Gimmeshelter" Benefit Show

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Group Show
"Gimmeshelter" Benefit Show

6009 Washington Blvd.
90232 Culver City

April 28th, 2007 - May 4th, 2007
Opening: April 28th, 2007 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Other (outside areas listed)
Tue-Sat 12-6

"Gimmeshelter" Overview:

Welcome to Gimmeshelter, a collection of works meant to raise awareness and money for the cause of homelessness. What started out as a desire to bring a similar show to my hometown has quickly turned into a massive project that includes over 400 works from 150+ artists.

The concept is simple - transform a piece of cardboard no larger than twelve inches on any side into a piece of art. The cardboard is a fitting medium for the cause since it is currently the primary source of warmth and shelter for our world's homeless. We're looking to change that, and this show is the start. Once this traveling show comes to an end, all works will be auctioned off on-line, with all proceeds going to the National Coalition For The Homeless (based in Washington, DC).

Homelessness is roughly defined as “not having a safe, permanent, affordable place to live.” It affects more than 600,000 people in the US on a daily basis, with about one-third of that number identified as “families”.

Projections of homelessness in America paint a gloomy picture. Without intervention, and given the current rate of inflation, more than one million people could be homeless within the next ten years. The majority of the new homeless will be our elderly who will have to choose between vital medicine and a roof over their heads.

Gimmeshelter is partnered with The National Coalition for the Homeless, a Washington, D.C. - based organization that is dedicated not only to solving the systemic issues that lead to homlessness but works to provide for the immediate needs of the homeless. Out of necessity and design, I specifically did not create another charity to address the problem. Any funds raised as a result of the US shows will go directly to the National Coalition for the Homeless.

Artists from around the globe have contributed works on a piece of corrugated cardboard, no larger that twelve inches on any one side. The list of talent ranges from well-known artists like Anthony Ausgang (among others, Nicholas Cage is a collector of his works) to obscure illustrators like Annie Owens (one of my favorite pieces in the collection). Regardless of name-recognition, each one deserves my thanks for making this a success!

More information about the artists, along with biographies, websites and contact information can be found on the Gimmeshelter site. Once the traveling “roadshow” of the exhibit is complete, you’ll be able to purchase works there as well.

Many thanks go out to all those who helped put the show together, including Chris Zachary, Adam Neate, and Daniel Goffin.

Please support your local galleries and the sponsors who helped bring this show to you. Without them, Gimmeshelter would have wound up as the proverbial “light under the bushel basket”. Most of all, please support the National Coalition for the Homeless by donating today or by visiting and clicking on their paypal link.

And remember - cardboard is for boxes.