Courting Allusion

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Untitled, (pine detail), 2007 Staples And Balsa Wood On Panels 20 X 20 In. © @Space Contemporary
Paper Tiger (Tiger Shit Detail), 2007 Paper And Watercolor 72 X 36 In. (Overall) © @Space Contemporary
Courting Allusion

2202 North Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92706
December 8th, 2007 - January 9th, 2008

orange county
(714) 835-3730
W,Th, Sun 11-4; Fri, Sat 11-8


@space Contemporary is pleased to announce the exhibition Courting Allusion featuring the work of Alison Foshee and Sara Simon. The exhibition brings together two artists who challenge and flirt with uses of material, utilize repetitious technique, and whose works are informed with notions of power, perfection, commercialism and control.

Alison Foshee transforms everyday materials to mimic the patterns found in nature. With the accuracy of a surgeon Foshee inserts office staples into balsa wood surfaces resulting in sculptural paintings of silvery pine tree branches and needles. In another body of work titled Bliss, BITE SIZE!, seductive and shiny chocolate candy wrappers are folded into multi-petal lotus blossoms. Alluding to consumerism and the need for instant gratification, the blossoming flowers are placed together with snowflake-shaped paper doilies and arranged on the wall as if one was looking upon an endorphin-laden pool. In another display of the ordinary turned fascinating, tightly layered and shaped white office labels create a life-size peacock complete with luxurious relaxed tail feathers. Void of color, the six foot tall beauty captivates the viewer with its intricate texture.

Visual seduction through ornamentation, and themes of sexuality and commodification run through Sara Simon’s sculptural works.  Simon’s alluring surfaces lure the viewer in only to reveal their superficial nature. This is especially the case with the nearly life size Paper Tiger. Outwardly an aggressive tiger the sculpture is constructed of paper tiles susceptible to water, wind and even slight pressure. On the floor behind, the tiger has laid a piece diamond encrusted shit. In Simon’s Daisy Chain, a full skeleton is covered with hand formed clay daisies references human sexual relations. Specifically a reference to a ‘chain’ of several individuals engaged in oral sex with one another. Decomposition and transformation of power are also related to this particular work of art.