Rey Ortega 'The Land' and Rob Corless 'Offerings'

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Rey Ortega 'The Land' and Rob Corless 'Offerings'

9517 Culver Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232
May 7th, 2010 - June 5th, 2010
Opening: May 7th, 2010 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

culver city/west la
Tuesday - Saturday 11-5 or by appointment
Illustration, rey, Ortega, rob, Corless, Julian, Callos


WWA gallery Presents

Rey Ortega 'The Land' and Rob Corless 'Offerings'

WWA gallery becomes a portal to two distinct fantasy worlds with dual shows featuring new works by Rey Ortega and Rob Corless, and is thrilled to introduce Los Angeles local Julian Callos in the Project Space. Open to the public, The Land and Offerings gallery receptions are from 7 – 10pm on Friday, May 7th.  In honor of our artists’ Canadian and Australian heritage, guests will enjoy ice-cold Fosters and Molson. The exhibitions will run until June 5th, 2010.


The Land- Rey Ortega


Rey Ortega’s The Land is about a fictional people and place of his own design. Ortega explores the fantasy world of The Land as though from an anthropologist's or historicist's point of view by examining the land, its people, their architecture, objects, and culture.


Ortega uses several different methods of image- making in this collection of new works, in order to make The Land a real place and to give its people a rich history and culture.  By creating a piece painted with ink and brush on rice paper, as if it were an ancient scroll depicting a place or event (not unlike the ukio-e scrolls in Japanese art) and then recreating the same place or event, but this time drawn "years later" by an adventurer in a sketchbook, Ortega allows the viewer to look at The Land as it would have been seen overtime by its own people and by outsiders alike.


About Rey Ortega:

Rey Ortega is a graduate of the Sheridan Institute of Design and Technology’s B.A.A. Illustration program.  His work has previously been shown at Show & Tell Gallery in Toronto and has since produced editorial, advertising, and comic works both locally and abroad. Ortega’s been able to apply his craft in a variety of disciplines, each time striving to maintain the spirit of drawing.  Rey Ortega lives and works in Toronto, Canada.


Offerings- Rob Corless


Rob Corless’ Offerings perfectly marries the reality of his day to day life with a surrealist fantasy world that beats about in his head.  In Offerings, he takes images that feel wholly familiar and positioned them in a place where only the truly imaginative can tread. Dragons and monsters weave their way through Corless’ 11 paintings the same way he believes the fantastic weaves its way through our own lives as long as we are open to it.


Corless, who has become known for the vivid murals he created with “Urban Smarts Project,” a community based initiative in his home town of Brisbane, Australia, often uses themes based on his observations of beauty and irony in everyday life mixed with a fantasy element and nonsensical humor. Corless’ subjects are usually disconnected from their surroundings. Oddly juxtaposed yet seeming natural. These characters are being themselves at their most basic, intimate level, caught in moments of simple honesty. “To be whole we must be comfortable and happy with who or what we essentially are.”


About Rob Corless:

The show Offerings marks Corless’ first solo exhibition.  Corless studied animation and drawing and began his art career by designing local band posters which eventually led him to the field of graphic design. His art is influenced by many styles from graphic design to street art, from comics to fine art. He has been featured in numerous magazines including Danger Daze and Planet Lovecraft, and he also has a regular comic in Strange Aeons. Rob Corless lives and works in Brisbane, Australia. He’s married with five children.



Into the Unknown- Julian Callos


Julian Callos’ concept behind Into the Unknown leaves the familiar behind and explores uncharted territory, while discovering one's self in the process. “The unknown can be scary and mysterious, but it can also be fascinating and ultimately rewarding if you care to venture through it. So it's also about dealing with uncertainty, and the idea that even if you don't find the answers you're looking for, you're all the better for having tried to find them in the first place.”


About Julian Callos:

A recent graduate of the Otis College of Art & Design’s BA Illustration program, Callos has hit the ground running with a number of Los Angeles area group shows including The Devil Made Me Do It and Manifest Equality. Callos’ biggest inspirations are indie comics and screen-printed art. Over the years his subject matter transitioned from motifs of animal skulls and forest creatures to drawing inspiration from both ocean and outer-space imagery. Julian Callos lives and works in Los Angeles.



Located in the Culver City Art District, WWA gallery's goal is to present contemporary artists, both established and unknown, who have an individual perspective and clear vision and aesthetic. In 2010, we will present an array of shows with a wide range of established and emerging artists such as Bob Dob, KRK Ryden, Ben Kehoe, Miss Mindy, CJ Metzger, Rey Ortega, Rob Corless, Tina Darling, Jim Darling, Dan Barry, Edward Robin Coronel, Jeni Yang, Tracy Tomko, Dee Chavez, Julian Callos, and Lily Mae Martin. For more information and an upcoming exhibition schedule, please visit


For additional press inquiries please contact: or 310.836.4992


9517 Culver Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232  310.836.4992

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11-5pm

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