You & I

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You & I, 2010 © 2010
You & I
Curated by: Sophia Louisa Lee

5412 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90036
May 1st, 2010 - July 3rd, 2010
Opening: May 1st, 2010 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Thursday - Saturday, noon - 5 pm


You & I is the first exhibition that brings together Los Angeles artists Kate Moriarty and Danny De La Matyr.  They each embrace their own unique, individual style.  Together their contemporary works of art continue a story that the other one begins. The works stand alone, yet beautifully compliment each other.


Kate Moriarty
A unique voice in the world of Art, Los Angeles-based pastel Artist Kate Moriarty is creating a sensation among collectors. Her colorful and masterful artwork explores the land of the subconscious. Many of her images are taken from nature, going deeper than the obvious. W.S. Morris, a contemporary fine artist describes her artwork as "simple and beautiful at first glance, but then has this sort of haunting intensity--like some Jungian undercurrent of sorrow, joy and an inexpressible emotion."


In January of 2005, Moriarty's artwork was featured in a ten page spread in the cutting-edge fashion magazine ZINK. Also, Modern Postcard selected Moriarty's artwork for their nationwide campaign in the fall of 2006. Recently, Merge Magazine wrote an article about her life as an artist and gallery owner. Her growing list of collectors include well-known actors, artists, filmmakers and musicians.


As Margaret Danielak, author of A Gallery without Walls, writes: "Kate Moriarty is a masterful contemporary American Impressionist with a unique, signature style. Her universally appealing images - created in pastel on suede - are each executed with great care, exuding warmth, charm and grace."



Danny De La Matyr

Danny De La Matyr's fascination with art led him to the University of North Texas where he studied painting and drawing.


Danny De La Matyr's  work is described as dream-like and surreal.  His style is a stream of consciousness, constantly moving forward in time.  Art collector Kim Sain describes his work as "an exhale onto paper, an ethereal filament breathed just so."


De La Matyr uses mixed media on canvas and wood to create several layers which builds complex texture, while he also demonstrates the simple minimalist approach of laying down lines of India Ink on Paper.


His subjects range from angels to insects, both of which often go unnoticed to the common eye.  Fascinated with the sublime and beautiful lines of nature's small creatures, specifically insects, and the subtlety of angels.  He often portrays his "angels" as having an obstensibly heavy burden to bear.  No matter his subject, De La Matyr explores the hidden beauty around us that often goes unseen.