LACE is pleased to present GUTTED: LACE’S ANNUAL WINTER BENEFIT. This year\, LACE has teamed up with Los Angeles-based curator Dino Dinco\, who brings h is own passions and experience to this annual fundraising event. Inspired b y Los Angeles’ history of performance art and LACE’s role as an open platfo rm for artistic expression\, Dinco has reached out to a range of artists\, both established and emerging\, to present an unrestrained evening of conte mporary performance.

GUTTED showcases a daring ensemble of live performance\, texts and objects speaking of\, from and to the body. With a roster of creative talent spanning thirty years of live performance\, GUTTE D illustrates an array of ways artists have addressed the human form\, span ning issues of domesticity and labor\, AIDS\, race\, social activism\, quee rness\, straightness\, bodybuilding\, body destruction\, fantasy &\; gro tesquerie.  

Participating artists include: Benjamin Weissman\, Raquel Gutierrez\, Xuanito Carlos Espinoza Cuellar\, Sheree Rose\, Monica Duncan\, Alice Cunt\, Lucas Michael\, Elle Mehrmand a nd Micha Cardenas/Azdel Slade\, Marcus Civin\, Ryan Heffington\, Dawn Kasper\, Rafael Esparza\, Gronk\, Oscar "Sister Mantos" Santos\, Josseline Black\, Brian Getnick/THE BALLET\, Hi Fashion $9.99\, Julie Tolent ino and Pigpen\, Taisha Ciara Paggett\ , Heather Cassi ls\, Mariel Ca rranza\, Dorian Wo od\, Samu el Vasquez\, Bela Messex\, Juan Martin del Cam po Jr.\, and Joseph Shahadi.

The impetus for GUTTED stems fro m my love for performance as well as my ongoing interest in the work of Fre nch philosopher and social critic Jean-Luc Nancy\, particularly his work Co rpus.  In this work\, Nancy articulates that there is no ontology of the bo dy\, but rather\, the body is ontology itself.  The body is a familiar subj ect of discourse in the arts\, as we have and will always already work from the body.  A body of work.  A body of knowledge. Through Nancy\, I view LA CE – the space – as a body that will fill with bodies\, where the ongoing c onversation about our / their / your bodies will continue. –Dino Dinco


All proceeds benefit LACE programs.


JUAN MARTIN DEL CAMPO JR. has bee n using the medium of stained glass to release his creative demons for the past 7 years. He is a native Angeleno who finds inspiration for his work in the world of pornography\, humor\, and design. He also co-owns San Francis co’s premiere queer punk label Cochon Records.
www.mysecretlifeinglass .com

is a transgender artist\, theorist and trickster. She is a Lecturer in the Visual Arts department at UCSD\, and an Artist/Researcher in the Experimental Game Lab at CRCA and t he b.a.n.g. lab at Calit2. Her interests include the interplay of technolog y\, gender\, sex and biopolitics. She holds an MFA from the University of C alifornia San Diego\, an MA in Media and Communications with distinction fr om the European Graduate School and a BS in Computer Science from Florida I nternational University. She has exhibited and performed in Los Angeles\, S an Diego\, Tijuana\, New York\, San Francisco\, Montreal\, Egypt\, Ecuador\ , Spain\, Dublin and many other places.

is a third world xueer/ista\, mexica n@\, xingon/a!\, activista\, izquierdista\, radical\, proud GORDA! intelect uala\, estudiante\, poeta y puta. a xueer who believes in social justice\, a pansexual jot@ que believes that poetry has the potential to revolutioniz e the world\, cada palabra is a spark of consciousness\, cada poema una tra nsformacion profunda.  Xuanito's vision includes reclaiming art from and to the margins\, dignifying our forms of expression and use laughter to fight oppression and exploitation and keeping the queer xueer.

came to the United States from Lima\, Perú when she was ei ghteen years old. Treating her body as material\, Carranza works to detach from physical limitations. Surrendering to the course the materials take wh en left unfixed\, her sculptural works challenge the notion of time limitat ions. Notable performances include “Lemon Piece” at Performance Art Happeni ng\, “Full Nelson” at Del Mar Theater\, and “Corners”\, in which she was co nfined within the Crazy Space Gallery for nine days\, fasting and making th e performance space fit her frame of mind by eliminating or altering its co rners. She received her MFA from UCLA.

is an artist\, stunt person and body builder who uses her exaggerated physique to undermine and interrogate systems of power and control. Often employing many of the same strategies used by FLUXUS an d guerrilla theater\, her multidisciplinary method crosses a spectrum of pe rformance\, film\, drawing\, video\, photography and event planning. She is a founding member of the Los Angeles based performance group the Toxic Tit ties. Her work is a response to the industrial production of images and the Los Angeles mass culture of consumption. She has exhibited at the White Ch apel and Thomas Danes gallery in London\, Manifesta\, Schnitt Ausstellungsr aum\, Edith Ruß Site for Media Art in Germany\, LGBT film festival in Paris \, France\, the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwigin Vienna\, Austria\, MUCA Roma and International Festival\, Ex-Teresa Arte Actual in Mexico City \, and Art in General in NYC.

text-and-prop-based performances explore the relationshi ps between the body and resourcefulness\, as he balances props that are wob bly and well-handled\, deliberately plucked from silent film and the detrit us of modern California. Civin earned an MFA in Studio Art from University of California\, Irvine\, and a BA in Theater from Brown University. Marcus lives in Los Angeles\, teaches\, and writes for He recently e xhibited his work at Am Nuden Da in London\, compactspace and LAXART in Los Angeles.
Read about his work here: 009/02/blog-post_08.html

is a Los Angeles-base d antenna to the planet Fabelhaft who works and plays in the realm of perfo rmance and multimedia art\, which has been featured in various nightclub an d gallery venues.

grew up in Webster\, New York around the apple orchards of Lake Onta rio\, the industry of Kodak and the tales of the Rochester Knockings. Her t ime-based and sculptural work investigates the nature of visual and tempora l perception through camouflage\, stillness and the surrogate body. She is interested in the site of the seam\, a space for the erotic and everyday. H er work has been exhibited at the 11th LA Freewaves Festival\, Los Angeles\ ; BS1 Contemporary Art\, Beijing\, China\; ZKM\, Karlsruhe\, Germany\; LACM A\, Los Angeles\; Marcia Wood Gallery\, Atlanta\, Georgia and forthcoming L a Casa Encendida\, Madrid\, Spain. Duncan received her BFA at NYSCC at Alfr ed University and is currently a graduate student in the Visual Arts Depart ment at University of California\, San Diego.

/ GRONK / JOSSELINE BLACK / OSCAR "SISTER MANTOS" SANTOS Per invitation by Rafael Esparza the multi-disciplinary collective fuses a variety of artistic expressions ranging from dance to mu sic\, painting and conceptual performance. Josseline Black is a dancer and choreographer working with the notion of dance as a medium to invite human intimacy with the divine\, the universal. She has trained principally in th e forms of ballet and modern dance and continues to uncover the emergence o f the subconscious when engaging in improvisation. She is interested in the banter between the corpus that is space\, the value systems living in the dancer's body\, and the psyche of the viewer in a performative event. Oscar 'Sister Mantos' Santos is an active and hyper-active proponent of undergro und experimental dance music. His high-energy performances and embrace of f ractured beats often belie his thorough grounding as a trained artist and h istorian in installation\, sculpture and performance art\, in LA's ever-res plendent queer counterculture. Gronk is a founding member of ASCO-a multi-m edia arts collective in the 1970's. Influenced by European film\, existenti alism\, and literature\, Gronk\, and his cohorts as an early teenager made "Movies without Film"\, via performing farcical "happenings" on the streets of his native east L.A. His current works reflect his affinity for ephemer a in his murals painted with the intention of their being white-washed subs equently. Rafael Esparza is an artist/student investigating the body as it relates to space and identity in the vastness of what is Los Angeles. His e xperience in practicing Native Mexica rituals with his current training as an art student inform his ideas of body and border cultures\, helping him t o produce a multi-layered conflux of historical and contemporary aesthetics that further the ambiguity of notions regarding identity amongst "border" inhabitants. s

BRIAN GETNICK / THE BALLET is a performance artist who creates elaborate sculptural costumes that provide the primary text for actions. His performances are often a black c omedy of the body’s failings which he views as a form of resistance towards the interpretive energies of the crowd. Currently he directs the performan ce troupe "The Ballet" and is the co-director of the forthcoming movie "Hol y Blood".

is a performance writer and cultural activist. She is a co-founding mem ber of the performance art ensemble\, Butchlalis de Panochtitlan\, and wrot e their first play currently in production titled "The Barber of East L.A." Gutierrez has performed nationally with Butchlalis and is published in sma ll poetry and academic journals such as Cipactli out of San Francisco State University and the anthology Izote Vos: Salvadoran American Literary and V isual Art (Pacific News\, San Francisco). She has acquired a degree in perf ormance studies from New York University\, and in journalism and Central Am erican studies from California State University at Northridge.

is a performance artist\, ch oreographer\, producer\, designer and dance guru. He is Co-Artistic Directo r of Hysterica Dance Company and currently teaches "Sweaty Sundays\," a dan ce class for dancers and non-dancers alike in Silverlake. He has performed in music videos for various artists including Shiny Toy Guns\, Beirut\, and Nikka Costa\, and has performed live with Peaches\, Black Eyed Peas\, and Fischerspooner. Heffington has also designed for stars such as Britney Spea rs\, Mick Jagger and Beck\, under the clothing design alias\, Sir Heffingto n. He co-founded the dance/music collective "We Are the World\," with their first full length album\, "Clay Stones\," to debut on Manimal Records in e arly 2010.

i s committed to costume\, make-up\, and spectacle. The duo explores the crea tion of identity in a pop music idiom. Dependent on incorporating anyone in terested in performing into the work\, each piece becomes a relationship be tween construction\, coincidence\, instinct\, and direction. By inviting th e audience to collaborate\, the work blurs the line between spectator and p erformer\, thereby offering all involved an opportunity for a visceral and primal experience.

DAWN KAS PER is a Los Angeles based performance artist\, actively exploring the connections in the woven web of questions that are the meaning of life and death. She received an MFA in New Genre at UCLA. Kasper has performed at th e Migros Museum Für Genenwartskunst in Zurich\, Switzerland\; the J. Paul G etty Museum\, Los Angeles\; Art Basel Art Positions Miami Beach\, Miami Flo rida\; Leo Koenig Gallery\, New York\, NY.

ELLE MEHRMAND is a performance/new media artist and m usician who uses the body\, electronics\, sound\, video\, photography and i nstallation within her work. She is the singer and trombone player of Assem bly of Mazes\, a music collective that creates dark\, electronic\, middle e astern\, rhythmic jazz rock. Mehrmand is currently an MFA candidate at UCSD and received her BFA in art photography with a minor in music at CSULB. Sh e has performed in Los Angeles\, San Francisco\, Long Beach\, Reno\, San Di ego\, Tijuana\, Montreal\, Dublin and Bogotá. lle/

Q: Do y ou consider your sculptures to be conceptual?
A: No. I get an idea in my head and I draw it or I write about it. If I like the way it looks on pa per\, I take it further. Sculpture is fun for me. I just do it\, and I don' t really think about why.
Q: How would you hope others to view your wo rk?
A: I think the audience is important to any piece\, and I hope tha t my work would leave an impression on those who view it. If they are inspi red\, if they laugh\, that's what I want.
Q: Where do you get inspirat ion from?
A: From my friends.
Q: Who is your favorite artist?
A: R. Crumb.
Q: If you choose a career unrelated to art\, what would you do?
A: Astronaut.
You can contact him at

was born in Buenos Aires\, Argentina. He graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (BFA ID\, 1988) and current ly lives and works in Los Angeles. He is also the co-founder of Artist Cura ted Projects and has shown at the Getty Center and Hammer Museum in Los Ang eles\; Apexart\, Salon 94 Freemans\, and White Columns in New York\; Gender Bender Festival in Bologna\, Italy\; and Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Bah ia Blanca\, Argentina\, among others.

is a Los Angeles- based dance artist\, teacher and co-founder of the dance journal project itch. Her work and coll aborations for the stage\, gallery and public sphere have been presented an d supported by several venues throughout California as well as in Chicago\, New York City\, London\, Durbin\, South Africa and Utrecht\, The Netherlan ds. She maintains an ongoing collaborative project “On movement\, thought a nd politics” with visual artist Ashley Hunt and is a member of the audio ac tion collective\, Ultra-red. She has worked extensively in the projects of Victoria Marks\, David Rousseve/REALITY and Kelly Nipper\, and holds an MFA from UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures.
www.taishapaggett .net

is a scenic Los Angeles- based artist who per formed for several years with Ron Athey.
Read about their collaborati on here: mp\;idc=1&\;pk=212

is widow and collaborat or of Bob Flanagan. She has given lectures and participated in various art activities internationally at The Tate Modern in Liverpool\, and the Big Si te exhibit in Tokyo\, Japan\, where she shocked audiences with her 20-foot vinyl replica of Bob Flanagan. Sheree and Bob were no strangers to controve rsy\, as their S&\;M imagery seemed to touch a nerve in everyone who vie wed it.
Check out a conversation with Sheree Rose: ibitions/comeout/rose.htm

has been staging experimental performances si nce 1991. He tends to follow a thread of related themes across different me dia: shame and exposure\, authority\, and voyeurism. Shahadi has exhibited in New York\, throughout the United States\, and Europe. He is currently lo cated in Brooklyn.


JULIE TOLENTINO creates intimate movement-based installations involving solo\, time-based performances\, sc ulptural endurance events and audio soundscapes. She has worked and toured with David Rousseve/REALITY Dance Theater\, Ron Athey\, Ibrahim Quarishi\, Helen Paris and Leslie Hill\, Margarita Guergue\, Amy Pivar\, Ori Flomin an d others. She is currently touring the following live works internationally : CRY OF LOVE-A Labyrinth\; THE SKY REMAINS THE SAME-The Archive Project\; and A TRUE STORY ABOUT TWO PEOPLE (a 24-hour performance). She is also curr ently building an off-grid home and artists' space in Joshua Tree and is th e co-director of PRAXIS MOHAVE BOOTCAMP for Performance Artists.
http: //

currently lives and works in Los Angeles\, CA. He rec eived his undergraduate degree from UCLA and attended the Independent Arts Research Program at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (2004-2005). Va squez’s work explores temporal experiences that investigate into the uncons ciousness and absurdities of everyday life. He has exhibited his performata nce works and film projects nationally at Conflux City\, New York\; The Com pany Gallery\, Los Angeles\; Highways Performance Space\, Los Angeles\; Hom oagogo\, San Francisco\; and Rosa Centro de Arte/Medios\, Mexicali\, among others.

BENJAMIN WEISSMAN is the author of two books of fiction\, most recently Headless. His writi ng about art\, books and skiing have appeared in Freize\, Freeze\, Artforum \, Parkett\, and the L.A. Times. Weissman also curates New American Writing at the UCLA Hammer Museum and teaches a variety of literary courses at Art Center College of Design and Otis Collage of Art.
Read his work on L A Times:

is an artist/singer/composer who is born in Echo P ark. His debut album\, BOLKA (Bulgarian for “pain”) brought forth his songw riting and vocal strengths in a whirlwind of horns\, harps\, accordions and a Bulgarian women’s choir. His live performances are equally epic: from st reet corners to concert halls in Los Angeles\, New York\, Mexico and the UK \, Dorian is often accompanied by several-to-all members of the avant-garde orchestra\, Killsonic (of which he is also a vocalist\, composer and accor dionist). Additionally\, Dorian has curated several cultural events: the fo lk music festivals ORGANIKA I and ORGANIKA II\; KILLSONIC PRESENTS\, an ong oing monthly series presenting debuted works by those within (and without) the Killsonic collective\; and the upcoming REPULSIONS: CELEBRATING 55 YEAR S OF CINEMA". Dorian's most recent recording\, Black Pig Suite\, is a 4-son g EP\, and everyone will die of a horrible\, inescapable plague.


was raised by a family of fighting chickens in rural Pennsylvania befo re moving to Los Angeles as a child. He is a photographer\, filmmaker and a rtist. His photographic work has been exhibited in solo exhibitions in Pari s (2005\, 2001)\, Los Angeles (2001)\, and San Francisco (2009\, 2004)\, as well as in group shows in London\, Paris\, Antwerp\, Hasselt (Belgium)\, N ew York and Hamburg. Selections from his series “Chico” were featured at Sa lon Paris Photo at The Louvre\, Paris (2001 - 2002). His work has appeared in publications such as surface (US)\, i-D (UK)\, Dutch (France)\, Revista Espacio (Mexico)\, V (US)\, Vogue Brasil (Brazil)\, Tokion (Japan)\, BIG (U S)\, Studio Voice (Japan)\, Zoo (France) and BUTT (Holland). His short film \, “El Abuelo\,” premiered at the Tate Modern in London\, May 2008\, and ha s since screened at the 2008 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival and the 2008 Three Rivers Film Festival\, where it won in the Top 3 in the Short Film Competition.

Drinks will be provided by Bear Flag.

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