Fifth Floor is proud to present\, Mid Hour\, a selection of photographs by Gusmano Cesaretti. Born in Lucca\, Ital y\, and a resident of Los Angeles since 1970\, Cesaretti has long been capt uring the sights\, cultures and even emotional tenor found within his many adopted cities.  As a result of his invested relationships with his subject s\, be they people\, buildings or landscapes\, he is able to create photos that reveal an honest candor that might otherwise go unseen.  For this exhi bition\, Cesaretti displays two separate\, yet corresponding bodies of work .  The first body\, a series of stark\, snowy Midwest landscapes present th emselves almost as axonometric drawings.  The thin and simple lines created by the branches evoke the stillness of a cold landscape waiting in limbo.  The second body displays a series of portraits of Midwesterners and images from within a bank vault taken in a moment when the financial forecast of the U.S. is largely unknown.  Both groupings point to the moment of stillne ss following a storm\, waiting for a turn of events to bring a season of ch ange.  

Cesaretti has published two books: Street Writers- A G uided Tour of Chicano Graffiti and Physical Graffiti-4x4=24 and he is a con tributing photographer to the book\, 24 Hours in the Life of Los Angeles. H is photographs have been exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. In 2008\, Cesaretti participate d in a major collaborative exhibition entitled\, This Side of Paradise: Bod y and Landscape in Los Angeles Photographs at the Huntington Library.  Four teen of his photographs are part of the permanent collection at the Smithso nian Institute in Washington\, D. C. and the Museum of  Contemporary Art\, Los Angeles. Cesaretti has made photographic studies in many places includi ng Mexico\, Central and South America\, Haiti\, and South East Asia.

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