Inspired by the remarkable growth of the museum's holdings through gifts and purchases over the past d ecade\, Collecting History: Highlighting Recent Acquisitions surveys recent acquisitions to MOCA's world-renowned permanent collection\, with a particular focus on the last five years. While some of the works on view h ave been featured in MOCA exhibitions\, many others are exhibited for the f irst time. MOCA's recent collecting is notable for its breadth and range\, and the exhibition assembles significant works by historical\, mid-career\, and emerging artists working locally\, nationally\, and internationally\, including Eduardo Abaroa\, John Altoon\, Jennifer Bornstein\, Stanley Brouw n\, Tony Conrad\, Hanne Darboven\, Roe Ethridge\, VALIE EXPORT\, Öyv ind Fahlström\, Hans Haacke\, Rachel Harri son\, Robert Huot\, Mike Kelley\, Jutta Koether\, Suzanne Lacy\, Lisa Lapin ski\, Allan McCollum\, Matt Mullican\, Gary Simmons\, Cosima von Bonin\, Ma rnie Weber\, Ai Weiwei\, William Wegman\, and Lawrence Weiner\, among many others. Collecting History is organized by MOCA Senior Curator Ann G oldstein and MOCA Associate Curator Bennett Simpson.


Collecting Hist ory: Highlighting Recent Acquisitions is made possible in part by Calif ornia Plaza through Plaza Commons\, Inc.\, an Executive Forum Partner.

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