In conjunction with CUT: Makings of Removal th e Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art is offering a free Papel Picado Worksh op with LA-based artist Margaret Sosa. Sosa has been working as a paper cut ter in the Mexican style known as papel picado for over 25 years.  She lear ned the art form from master paper cutter\, Olga Ponce Furginson\, serving as her apprentice for many years.  Her work has been exhibited galleries an d museums throughout the Los Angel es area and internationally.  Margaret is a graduate of California State University Los Angeles\, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in studio art. 


Papel picado is the Mexican folk ar t of cutting tissue paper into decorative banners that are used to adorn al tars or as decorations for festive events.  Paper cutting has a long histor y in Mexico< /st1:country-region> and today\, Mexican paper cutters continue the art of papel picado using hammers and special chisels with distinctive poin ts for cutting through many layers of tissue paper and most recently are no w using sheets of colorful plastic to create unique detailed works of art.< /p> LOCATION:Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art\,5885 Haven Avenue \nRancho Cuc amonga\, CA California 91737 SUMMARY:Papel Picado Workshop with LA-based artist Margaret Sosa END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR