Phone Booth Gallery is proud to present “Going Nowhere Fast\ ,” an exhibition of new video work by Long Beach artist Jeremy Eichenbaum. The online exhibit will run from September 6 to September 30\, 2008\, and t he opening party will be held at Basswerks on September 6 from 7-12pm. Bass werks is located at 5411 W Adams Blvd.\, Los Angeles\, CA 90016.

Eichenbaum’s latest video work represents a fixed reality in a world of constant change. In this work there is no stable environment. The surroundi ngs have been fragmented and skewed to show an unending state of arrival an d departure. This new work stems from the physical social environment that we all have experienced\, and implores the viewer to relive this experience under the light of the artist’s own imagination.

The constru cted realities Eichenbaum creates become a commentary on the ever changing fabricated urban habitat which surrounds us. By re-orchestrating and displa cing such realities he is able to create his own tapestry of sights and sou nds. “This is my contribution\,” says Eichenbaum\, “to blur the lines betwe en space and time\, to fluctuate perspective\, to destabilize the foundatio n of a singular reality\, and to place the viewer squarely on a platform of converging life rhythms.”

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