This September 12\, between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.\, the sky above th e Pasadena Arroyo will be transformed by a never-before produced work by no ted American artist Bruce Nauman. This major work\, Untitled\, 1969/2009 \, takes the form of skywriting that will say\, with Nauman’s classic m ischievous humor\, “Leave the Land Alone.” The viewing is free and open to the public\, though the Armory suggests these locations as prime viewing lo cations: La Loma Bridge\, Colorado Street Bridge\, and Brookside Park.

Nauman\, the winner of the Golden Lion for his work in the American Pavilion and the city at this year’s Venice Biennale\, developed this proje ct for an exhibition about Earth Art in 1969. The work was never produced\, as the editor’s note points out in Nauman’s collected writings\, “perhaps for lack of funds or because it was not taken seriously.”

Initia ted by Andrew Berardini\, Adjunct Assistant Curator at the Armory Center fo r the Arts\, and organized by Jay Belloli\, Director of Gallery Programs\, and Sinead Finnerty-Pyne\, Gallery Programs Manager\, this unique project b rings Bruce Nauman back to Pasadena where the artist once lived and worked. This marks his first solo institutional project by Nauman in the Los Angel es area since 1994.

Nauman’s project launches Installations I nside/Out the Armory’s 20th Anniversary Exhibition\, running from Septe mber 20 – December 31\, 2009\, at the Armory Center for the Arts. The openi ng reception is Saturday\, September 19\, 2009\, 6–9 p.m. This important mi lestone includes exhibitions and installations both at the Armory and at va rious sites throughout the city of Pasadena\, and brings together special p rojects from Kim Abeles\, Edgar Arceneaux\, Deborah Aschheim\, Daniel Buren \, Carl Cheng\, Seth Kaufman\, Barry McGee\, Michael C. McMillen\, Carlos M ollura\, Matthew Moore\, Jane Mulfinger\, Rudy Perez\, Sarah Perry\, Ed Rus cha\, Betye Saar\, Barbara T. Smith\, John Trevino\, Pae White\, and Mario Ybarra Jr.

With caustic wit and graceful precision\, Untitled (Leave the Land Alone)\, 1969/2009\, questions the role of the artists ’ intervention with landscape. Directed at Nauman’s contemporaries in the m ovement now known widely as Land Art or Earth Art\, the piece has become es pecially pointed now that the modern environmental movement has come to adu lthood and artists and people everywhere are dealing with the impact of hum an’s often destructive interaction with landscape. To frame it only in term s of the environment however would miss this smart\, funny\, and ephemeral piece’s mischievous relationship with language and Nauman’s lifelong play w ith the role of the artist.

Bruce Nauman

Born in 194 1 in Fort Wayne\, Indiana\, Bruce Nauman is widely recognized as being one of the most significant living artists. Following his debut solo show in 19 66 at the Nicholas Wilder Gallery in Los Angeles\, Nauman has exhibited wid ely in North America and Europe\, including in Documenta IV (1968)\, V (197 2)\, and VII (1982)\, and in the Whitney Biennials of 1984\, 1991\, and 199 7. In 1972 the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Los Angeles County Mu seum of Art organized a retrospective of his work. Nauman's most recent ret rospective exhibition was organized by the Walker Art Center\, Minneapolis\ , in association with the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden\, Washingto n\, D.C.\, in 1994 and traveled to other museums in Europe and the United S tates\, including the Museum of Contemporary Art\, Los Angeles. In 1999 he was awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Biennale and this year in Venice\, he received the Golden Lion for Best National Pa vilion. Nauman currently lives and works with his wife painter Susan Rothen berg in Galisteo\, New Mexico\, where he moved in 1979\, and developed a pr ofessional interest in horse breeding and training.

This event w ill be over Pasadena’s Arroyo Seco for a few minutes between 11:30 a.m. and  12:30 p.m. The performance is viewable from many locations in the Arroyo Seco\, near the Rose Bowl. However\, suggested locations include La Loma Br idge\, Colorado Street Bridge\, and Brookside Park. Admission is free. For information about Armory exhibitions and events\, the public may call 626.7 92.5101 x122 or visit the Armory website at

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