Join us \;this Saturday from 6 - 9pm&n bsp\;for the opening of \;Ni Chana Ti-Juana\, \;an exposit ion of work produced during the first-year project in the \;Otis Graduate Public Practi ce Program \;after three trips to Camino Verde\, a community in Tij uana.

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Not one or the other\, neither here nor there\, 'ni Chana ni Jua na' is an expression used in Mexico to emphasize the ambiguous nature of a given situation. In that spirit\, this project deals with the contingent re lationship between the participating artists and Camino Verde.

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This 'exposició\;n' focuses on the ethica l and practical dimensions of artists entering a community. Some of the par ticipating artists have chosen to expose the underlying power structures an d their own feelings of vulnerability\, while others have decided to bypass the larger governing structure of the institution. These efforts are focus ed on small-scale moments of relation that activate a shared human experien ce across numerous borders.

La expo sició\;n \;Ni Chana Ti-Juana \;represents the culmin ation of field research conducted by the \;Otis Graduate Public Practice Program&nb sp\;first year project in Camino Verde\, Tijuana\, facilitated by Bill Kell ey Jr.\, \;Polen Audiovisual\, and \;Cog*nate Collective. Developed in collaboration wit h partners such as Centro Comunitario Camino Verde and Casa de las Ideas\, as well as the generosity of Camino Verde community organizers Apolonio Rod rí\;guez\, Alma Teresa\, Tico Orozco\, and Marí\;a Guadalupe Me jí\;a\, among others.

The exh ibition will be open through December\, culminating in a conversation at th e Otis Graduate Public Practice studios on \;December 7 at 12pm.
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Artist Bios

Ví\;ctor Albarrací\;n \;is a form er artist\, a former writer and a former educator and rock band member. Cur rently he's just a student struggling with his language limitations.

Claudia Borgna \;graduated in fine arts from the London Metropolitan University\, UK . She has been attending several fellowship artists' residencies and exhibi ting her work internationally as well as being awarded the Pollock-Krasner Grant and the Royal British Society of Sculptor Award.

Noé\; Gaytá\;n& nbsp\;is an artist\, writer\, and curator. His art deals with public space\ , urbanism\, art history\, and the idea of art itself. He writes art review s of contemporary art in Los Angeles on Platinum Cheese. Since 2012 he has been curator of Nomad Art Project.

Tonya Ingram \;is a New York University alu mna\, a Cincinnati native\, a Bronx-bred introvert and the author of Growl and Snare. \; Her poetry has traveled to Ghana\, California\, Michigan\ , Massachusetts\, Washington D.C.\, New York\, The Literary Bohemian\, and Youtube.

Carol Z ou \;is a compulsive collectivizer and guerilla knitter. She c o-organizes the public fiber art collective\, Yarn Bombing Los Angeles\, wh ose participatory knit projects engage issues of public/private space\, wom en's work\, wish fulfillment\, how to exist in an informal capacity vis a v is the institution\, and most recently\, gentrification.

Mario Mesquita \;is a n advocate\, educator\, organizer\, and artist. His work explores social co nstructs of relationships between the personal and community sphere. Formal ly trained in graphic arts at the University of Oregon\, his art encompasse s the graphical to the situational\, the printed to the curated celebrated event. As a native Oregonian and recent transplant to Los Angeles\, his mos t recent challenge has been getting used to the Southern Californian sun.

Estephany Campos< /strong> \;is an artist/mentor born and raised in the heart of South Ce ntral Los Angeles. Raised under traditional Mexican-American values\, her p ractice consists of staged photography/mixed media intended to capture idea s about women's trials in life. She graduated from the University of Califo rnia Riverside with a BA in Studio Art and is now pursuing her MFA in Fine Arts Public Practice at the Otis School of Art and Design. Influenced by he r family's history of community involvement\; Campos is interested in bring ing art to the masses and raising questions about the art community's exclu sivity.  \;

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