&ldquo\;Rag-picker\,&rdquo\; Steve Rod en&rsquo\;s forthcoming solo exhibition at Susanne Vielmet ter Los Angeles Projects presents new work born out of the artist& rsquo\;s research in the Walter Benjamin archive at the Akademie der Kü \;nste in Berlin during a five-week residency in 2011. The title of the exh ibition is inspired by one of Benjamin&rsquo\;s favorites from Baudelaire&r squo\;s urban types\, the &ldquo\;rag-picker\,&rdquo\; who scuttles through the city\, searching for useful things amongst the detritus. Adopting a si milar method while engaged with Benjamin&rsquo\;s notebooks\, Roden repurpo sed various notations and glyphs that are generally considered inconsequent ial to create scores that influence his process of making paintings\, drawi ngs\, sculpture and sound works. These foraged scribbles and the scores tha t Roden developed were rich enough to generate multiple bodies of work.
There is a group of small paintings inspired by one of the few remaining postcards in Benjamin&rsquo\;s childhood collection that depicts the Duomo\, a 12th \;century cathedral in Siena famo us for it&rsquo\;s octagonal\, black and white striped\, Gothic pulpit desi gned by Nicola Pisano. There are large paintings whose imagery is composed through an accumulation of the marks Benjamin used to cross out his mistake s. In Roden&rsquo\;s paintings these marks become gestures of obfuscation t hat reconfigure &lsquo\;the graphic act&rsquo\; of crossing out mistakes in a notebook to the language of painting. There are small sculptures compose d of cardboard\, plaster-wrap\, and mirrors that approach questions regardi ng the location of Benjamin&rsquo\;s memorial stone\, which is sited neithe r on the actual location of his death nor the location of his remains. Ther e are 70&rdquo\;-tall works on paper which connect Le Corbusier&rsquo\;s de scription of the design of Chandigarh with Benjamin&rsquo\;s musings on the flâ\;neur\, offering the artist&rsquo\;s body as a site for wandering . Each drawing incorporates tracings of the artist&rsquo\;s head\, heart\, lungs\, arms\, and torso.
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At the heart of Roden&rsqu o\;s &ldquo\;rag-picking&rdquo\; is an attempt to repurpose\, re-read (or m iss-read)\, and reconfigure various aspects of Benjamin&rsquo\;s notebooks. Roden&rsquo\;s approach to research and indexing is more idiosyncratic tha n logical &ndash\; more intuitive than academic\, a quest for value in thin gs where there appears to be none.
In September 2013 \, Steve Roden will also have work in &ldquo\;Lines and Spaces\,&rdquo\; an exhibition curated by John Yau at the Joseloff Gallery at the Hartford Art School in Hartford\, CT. During the summer of 2013 Roden has been creating a series of sountracks for the Richter film "Ghosts Before Breakfast" (the original soundtrack was destroyed by the Nazis). His work was also recentl y featured in the exhibition &ldquo\;Silence&rdquo\; at the Menil Collectio n and the Berkeley Art Museum. In 2012 Roden had a solo exhibition at Los A ngeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)\, Los Angeles\, CA. A mid-career sur vey of Roden&rsquo\;s work\, curated by Howard Fox\, was presented at the A rmory Center for the Arts\, Pasadena\, CA in 2010. Other solo exhibitions i nclude the Chinati Foundation\, Marfa\, TX\; the Henry Art Museum\, Seattle \, WA\; the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST)\, Athens\, Greece\; the Tang Museum at Skidmore College\; and the Santa Barbara Contemporary Ar ts Forum\, Santa Barbara\, CA. \; Roden&rsquo\;s work has been included in exhibitions at the Fellows of Contemporary Art\, Los Angeles\, CA\; the Mercosur Biennial in Porto Allegre\, Brazil\; the Serpentine Gallery\, Lon don\, UK\; the Drawing Room\, London\, UK\; the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego\, La Jolla\, CA\; the Sculpture Center\, New York\, NY\; the Cent re George Pompidou Museum\, Paris\; and the UCLA Hammer Museum\, Los Angele s.

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