The annual iMAPPENING show\, featuring works-in-progress\, p erformances and presentations by students in the Media Arts and Practice do ctoral program in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Souther n Calfornia\, kicks off on Friday\, May 10\, 2013\, from noon to 8:00 p.m.\ , with an opening reception at 6:00 p.m. in the School of Cinematic Arts Ga llery. The show will also be open May 11\, 10:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.\, and on Monday\, May 13\, students and faculty will engage in a series of round-tab le discussions between 11:00 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. at Kerckhoff Hall\, located at 734 West Adams Boulevard.

This annual showcase is an opportu nity to witness the groundbreaking interdisciplinary and collaborative work being created by PhD students working at the boundaries and intersections of cinema\, media and critical thinking. The areas of research investigated by iMAP students are broad\, and currently includes attention to these cor e themes: interactive architecture\; media activism\; affect\; the city and the book\; database documentary\; embodiment and tangible interfaces\; gam es and interactivity\; digital historiography\; neuro-cinematics\; expanded and spatialized cinema\; multimodal scholarship\; performativity\; pervasi ve/locative media\; and immersive journalism.

This year's show i ncludes the following projects:

• Locus Swarm\, a virtual space visualized by the creatures that inhabit it.

• The Book of Luna\ , a transmedia metabook\, a physical\, illuminated manuscript merging sculp ture\, film and literature.

• Preview of Marquee Survivals\, a m ultimodal exploration of contemporary conceptions of repurposed movie theat ers.

• We Already Know and We Don't Yet Know: Autonets\, a perfo rmance which asks\, "Is sexual\, gendered and racialized violence global or translocal?"

• Penumbra: A Novella\, creates a haptic reading e xperience for the iPad as the reader's gestures expose the protagonist's me mories.

• Polyangylene: Robot Aesthetics and Super-Objects\, an interactive installation that involves gallery visitors\, a small herd of h exapod robots that compose electroluminiscent wire poetry\, and a tumbling junk pile of found objects.

• Miralab: Experiments in Responsive Data Viz Worlds: a cloud-based ecosystem for display and interaction with a retrofuturistic aquatic world.

• Museum of the Microstar\, a s atirical narrative game and technology demonstration.

• Matricid e\, a Lacanian love letter to the filmmaker's Mother(s) combining intimate drag performances\, disturbing childhood images revisited and probing testi monial sessions with the Mother.

• ImMobility\, a performed scor e about mobility

• Memory Cellars\, an interactive tour of the n ew building in the School of Cinematic Arts complex.

• Leimert P hone Company\, a collaborative community design studio that repurposes pay phones into cultural portals to local history and arts in South LA.
• Divergent Shadows and Daily Image\, experimental videos.

• Visions of Aleph\, a recombinant narrative video game.

• The Se oul of Los Angeles: Contested Identities and Transnationalism in Immigrant Space\, an interactive online cultural history.

• Not Your Baby\ , a mobile app that builds community to challenge sexual harrassment whenev er and wherever it may occur.

• So Help You God\, a documentary database cinema game that dissects the confluence of circumstances leading to a violent crime.

• a question of CHARACTER\, a documentary me ta-game for the Women and Girls Lead comprehensive collection of gender jus tice films by the Independent Television Service.

• Experiments in Representational Animism\, which allows audiences to communicate with a public speaker by aggregating their live input as a datastream for an animi stic object.

 All events in the iMAPPENING Showcase are free and open to the public - please join us to see this amazing work!

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