Jancar Jones Gallery is pleased to announce a two-perso n exhibit of new work by Bay Area artists Sean Talley and< strong> Nancy White. Talley and White will each present a distinct body of work. The exhibit will include works on paper and ceramic sculptur es by Talley and small-scale acrylic paintings by White. This work is shown concurrently in the hope of highlighting both the similar and contrasting forms and processes used to create their noticeably complementary works.

Both Talley and White crea te work as the result of playful experimentation and trial and error\, whil e simultaneously adhering to strict guidelines. Talley’s ceramic pieces\, w hich are composed of a series of intertwined extruded\, unglazed clay noodl es\, are necessarily reliant on one another. Balance and gravity inform how the structures are created and stacked. Similarly\, the puzzle-like layout of hard-edged geometric forms in White’s diminutive paintings are the resu lt of moving drawn elements around to determine how best they might “lock” and visually vibrate into place.

Talley’s pieces are deliberately made without added color\; at onc e they seem black and white but are very slightly and innately pigmented\, the result of the graphite and natural clays with which he works. The surfa ces of the ceramic pieces are the same color as their interiors – a kind of consistency that is also evident in the smooth and meticulously applied ar eas of graphite in his dynamic doodle-like drawings. The noodles of clay in his sculptures are also uniform\, like the strokes in the digital drawings he uses as the templates for his finished graphite pieces.

As does Talley\, White also iterates a calculated relationship to color in her work. Not only are the forms she us es designed to interact with one another\, the like values that she tends t oward are equally reliant upon an interaction with adjacent color/form comb inations.  Seemingly more colorful than Talley’s pieces\, White’s works\, h owever\, tend toward a gray scale\, each punctuated by small amounts of vib rant\, at times almost neon\, colors. In so doing\, the subtlety of the mut ed hues and their variants are made more obvious and intentional.

Both artists hint at the architec tural in their non-objective compositions. Talley’s works are reservedly ge stural\; his lines and noodles cut through and float within space. In both his flat works and three-dimensional constructions\, he accentuates and act ivates the negative spaces that surround his arrangements. White’s composit ions\, on the other hand\, imply enclosed\, intimate and seemingly navigabl e interiors. Though completely flat\, her compositions express perspectival ly demanding and dimensionally complex environments.

Sean Talley’s work has been exhibited at Janca r Jones Gallery\, Artists’ Television Access\, and New Langton Arts in San Francisco. Talley received his BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. He is currently an MFA candidate at the University of California Berkeley.

Nancy White’s work was exh ibited in a recent solo show at Steven Zevitas Gallery in Boston and in sol o shows at Jancar Jones Gallery and Takada Gallery\, both in San Francisco. Group exhibitions include shows at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art and The Art Museum of Los Gatos.

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