Frank Pictures Gallery proudly presents Afr ican Passion: Painted Bodies and Beyond featuring the work of internationally renowned photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela F isher. The exhibition spans their 3 decade relationship with the A frican continent. These photographs are a selection from their Annenberg Sp ace for Photography exhibit "No Strangers: Ancient Wisdom in a Modern World " . Beckwith and Fisher have done more than anyone to awaken the world’s ap preciation of everything African from adornment to the rapidly vanishing ce remonies. Their celebration of Africa cultures will forever serve as the mo st compelling and passionate portrayal of the splendor of human creativity from the very continent that gave rise to all humanity.Thirty years of work on the African continent have carried Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher acr oss 270\,000 miles and through remote corners of 40 countries in exploratio n of more than 150 African cultures. In the process\, this team of world-re nowned photographers has produced fourteen widely acclaimed books and made four films about traditional Africa. They have been granted unprecedented a ccess to African tribal rites and rituals and continue to be honored worldw ide for their powerful photographs documenting the traditional ceremonies o f cultures thousands of years old. As an intrepid team of explorers\, they are committed to preserving sacred tribal ceremonies and African cultural t raditions all too vulnerable to the trends of modernity. The Beckwith-Fishe r images are the result of a long\, enduring and deeply respectful relation ship with African tribal peoples. This\, combined with their photographic s kills\, creates an intimate portrayal of ceremonies long held secret that m ight have never been recorded. Their work preserves and presents the power\ , complexity and celebration found within the rituals of African tribal lif e. Their extraordinary photographs are recorded in fourteen best-selling bo oks and in their films. Their new book “Painted Bodies” (2012) follows “Maa sai” (1980)\, “Nomads of Niger” (1983)\, “Africa Adorned” (1984)\, “African Ark” (1990)\, “African Ceremonies” (1999)\, “Passages” (2000)\, “Faces of Africa” (2004)\, “Lamu: Kenya’s Enchanted Island” (2009)\, and “Dinka” (201 0). The special limited-edition books\, hand printed in Santiago\, Chile\, are titled “Surma\,” “Karo\,” “Maasai\,” and “Dinka.” Angela and Carol are also winners of the Royal Geographical Society of London’s Cherry Kearton M edal for their contribution to the photographic recording of African ethnog raphy and ritual. The photographers have made four films about traditional Africa\, including Way of the Wodaabe (1986)\, The Painter and the Fighter\ , and two programs for the Millennium Series Tribal Wisdom and the Modern W orld. Numerous exhibitions of their photography and films have been shown i n museums and galleries around the world. In 2000 their Passages exhibition opened at the Brooklyn Museum of Art featuring 97 mural photographs\, six video films and a selection of African masks\, sculpture and jewelry. This exhibition has traveled to seven museums on three continents.

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