Heidi Taillifer's "The Land of the Blind" is an exhibition of new and unique sculptural works centered around the theme of Eros and original oil paintings featuring Heidi's signature brand reflecting Mankind's ongoing hybridization with technology. 
The porcelain like vintage and manga f usion styled dolls\, ready to pierce your heart\, are named "True Loves". E ach doll is individually hand cast from a single design model. They are mad e out of hydrocal\, a plaster and silica crystal compound poured into silic one moulds based on the original master design\, hand sculpted out of clay. Each individual part is painted\, assembled\, eyelashed and adorned with e ither Swaravski crystals or Christian Dior silks and fabrics. Handmade cost uming and decorative flourishes are used to create a specific representatio n of Eros and are fitted with wings and pinned to boards like naturalist sp ecimens and given a latin name. Finally they are hermetically preserved und er protective domes. 

He idi's original oil paintings are a creative fusion of classical figurative painting\, surrealism\, contemporary realism and mythology combined with po pular figurative traditions ranging from Victorian romanticism to science f iction. Painting subjects comprised of seemingly incongruous objects charac terized as symbolic they form a complex composite of various elements and a dd a contemporary spin to often classical icons.


Heidi Taillefer was bor n in Montreal\, Quebec\, to a family rich in creative talent. She began dra wing before the age of three and followed ten years of private art instruct ion until the age of eighteen. She pursued Humanistic studies at McGill Uni versity\, which provided a foundation for much of the cultural and philosop hical referencing in her art. She later worked as a commercial illustrator in parallel with her fine art production. Her most notable commercial proje cts being with the Cirque du Soleil\, Richard Mille luxury watches\, and In finiti car company in Canada and Taiwan. Heidi last exhibited at Copro Gall ery with the musical group "Coheed and Cambria" displaying her two album co ver designs\, for "The Afterman: Ascension and Descension". Her fine art wo rk is characterized by a hybridization of mechanical and organic elements w ithin a setting\, reflecting the ubiquity of technology throughout the worl d today. She often gives a spin to classical icons bringing them into a mor e contemporary context\, and her work is reminiscent of some of the early t wentieth surrealists such as Max Ernst\, Giorgio de Chirico\, and Paul Delv aux.

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