1301PE presents Fade to Blac k\, its third exhibition with artist Philippe Parreno< /strong>\, from 23 March until 27 April 2013.

The ghosts of Parr eno's past projects come back to haunt this new series of glow-in-the-dark posters that depict previously aborted works. The posters must be exposed t o light before the imprints become visible in the dark\, gradually fading a way only to reappear when re-exposed to light. The posters show quasi-objec ts - forms that do not exist on their own but depend upon the conditions of the exhibition to appear.

The images bring to the surface of th e conscious mind precisely the things that it could not tolerate. Their sli ght radioactive decay energizes the phosphor\, emitting a glow. The imprint s of never realized works\, failures and unfulfilled desires\, were left be hind in excess. They cannot be truly qualified as artworks as they were ori ginally rejected. They are the heterogeneous\; the pushed back\; the soiled \; the abject\; the gutter\; the filthy\; the snot\; the scum\; the excreme ntal\; the stercoraceous\; the dross\; the ragged\; the eliminated\; the pu lverized\; the ruined\; the fermented\; the spoiled\, the decomposed\; the negligible\; the slag\; the scoria\; the putrescible\; the rotting\; the tu rd\; the dejection\; the evacuation\; the sewer\; the discharge\; the relea se…

Rising to prominence in the 1990s\, Parreno has earned criti cal acclaim for his work\, which employs a diversity of media including fil m\, sculpture\, performance\, drawing and text. He has radically redefined the exhibition experience by conceiving his shows as a scripted space where a series of events unfolds.

Parreno used this format for the re cent exhibition\, Dancing around the Bride at the Philadelphia Museu m of Art which is currently on show as The Bride and The Bachelors a t the Barbican\, London. For this show he has acted as metteur-en-scène (or chestrator)\, using temporal and spatial sequencing to activate the artwork s of John Cage\, Merce Cunningham\, Jasper Johns\, Robert Rauschenberg\, an d Marcel Duchamp.

At his current solo show at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture\, Moscow\, Parreno presents Marilyn (2012)\, wh ich premiered last summer at the Fondation Beyeler\, Basel. For this film h e conjured up Marilyn Monroe through a phantasmagoric séance in a suite at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York\, where she lived in the 1950s. The f ilm reproduces Marilyn Monroe's presence by means of three algorithms: the camera becomes her eyes\, a computer reconstructs the rhythms of her voice\ , and a robot recreates her handwriting.

Philippe Parren o lives and works in Paris\, France. He has shown in a series of m ajor solo exhibitions at Garage Center for Contemporary Culture\, Moscow\, Russia\; Fondation Beyeler\, Basel\, Switzerland\; Serpentine Gallery\, Lon don\, UK\; Hessel Museum\, CCS Bard College\, Annandale-on- Hudson\, NY\; I rish Museum of Modern Art\, Dublin\, Ireland\; Kunsthalle Zurich\, Zurich\, Switzerland\; and Musée National d'Art Moderne\, Centre Georges Pompidou\, Paris\, France.

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