Mihai Nicodim Gallery is pleased to present the first s olo exhibition and U.S. debut of British artist Raymonde Beraud.  

Beraud approach es painting with a litigious methodology.  Embracing a process which is as reductive as it is additive\, she speaks of her work as fulfilling an inwar d desire for ‘collectiveness’.  Exploring variations on an established set of actions\, her practice deconstructs only to rebuild.  Her paintings’ pat terned surfaces are excavated through both brush and the use of handmade cl ay tools which work to deepen and stain her opaque visual fields.

Individually\, the works quietly radiate an embattled veneer\, the result of scraping\, sanding and shining through multiple layers of a previous self.  Small and seductive\, each wor k possesses the quality of a crudely shined gem whose totality may be admir ed both for its visibly organic beginnings and polished newness.  However\, any decided ‘beauty’ in Beraud’s work is knowing.  Attempting to democrati se surface\, her gestured hand consistently intersects the works’ polished overlay with a thud.  There is definite rhythm in this heavy patterning\, a n interest in mark-making which is kept decidedly acute throughout the stri pping and processing of each work.

These painterly rhythms seem to both demarcate and fetishize Ber aud’s planes in equal measure.  The cadence of her strokes seem to strive f or a tonal balance that is essentially unattainable.  It’s within this awkw ard juncture of natural and mechanical that Beraud’s work seems to oscillat e with a distinct sense of humanism as she openly exhibits the restrictions of her chosen medium. 

The paintings’ surfaces\, shined to near mirror\, reflect the inwardness of Beraud’s practice.  In a way the paintings seem to begin and end with them selves\, boldly acquiescing to the condition of their planes.   What are yo u left with when abstract language holds little to no currency as a kind of descriptive device?  When there’s perhaps no longer a space for metaphysic al discovery or change within the picture plane\, Beraud conversely looks t o surface for pathos and play.  It’s in such measure that her paintings mai ntain a convincing currency\, one which hums in contemporary meditation upo n the notion that the limitations of surface are indeed unendingly expansiv e.

Raymonde Bera ud (b.1989\, Cyprus) lives and works in London.  She is currently a student at the Royal College of Art\, earning her Masters Degree in May o f this year. Recent exhibitions include Timber Tracks\, Hockney Gallery\, R oyal College of Art\, London (2012) and the Santorini Biennale of Arts\, Sa ntorini (2012).

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