ACME. is pleased to present Work/Space\, a group exhibition of recent work by artists Phillip Es tlund\, Kirsten Kindler\, and Katie Sinnott. Thes e three artists are strongly influenced by architecture and the use found m aterials are inherent in their art making.

Phillip Estlund's works often reference architectural st ructures and landscape. He constructs his sculptures using the architectura l ruins that remain after the devastation of natural or man-made disasters. Living in South Florida\, Estlund has had first-hand experience of the dev astation caused by hurricanes and other man-made accidents. By presenting t he detritus that remains from destruction and transforming it\, Estlund not only expresses the physicality and fragility of mankind's pursuits\, but a lso our ability to rebuild. 

Kirsten Kindler builds intricate cut paper constructions that seem to teeter between order and chaos. Kindler searches through magazines and coll ects images of architectural details. She then precisely cuts and extracts the architectural elements to build delicate structures that are both harmo nious and contradictory. There is a visual harmony and symmetry in the over all arrangement that has a beautiful lace-like quality. At the same time\, the structure created is an improbable space as stairwells lead into more s tairwells\, arches and columns rest upon more arches and columns. By amassi ng numerous images of architectural objects to create a large but vulnerabl e structure\, Kindler's airy architecture becomes a thoughtful reflection o n the emptiness and fragility of our material culture.

For Katie Sinnott\, the architectural space is her canvas. Sinnott's work is motivated by a desire to step inside of a painting or drawing\, and to truly engage with the painting and space. In a daily practice\, she alters the space by adding or removing paint\, drywal l\, plywood\, light\, and other materials around the space in an attempt to bring it close to a balancing point. The space becomes a document of her c ontinual process\, and the viewer becomes engaged in deciphering where the room ends and the painting begins.

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