Thinkspace is pleased to present Project May hem\, the gallery's first large scale solo exhibition of new w ork by New York based painter Dave MacDowell following two smaller past showcases in our project room. 


Dave MacDowell's work deftly combines satire\, irreverence\, and seething wit. A sel f-taught artist\, MacDowell combines popular cultural references with the m agnetism of the "dark hook"\, creating unexpected plays on popular culture that inject the familiar with blistering hyperboles. Seeking to unveil the feared and the reviled\, while expertly weaving critical commentary with hi larity\, MacDowell's work is an effective combination of complicity and cri tique. Appropriately in keeping with the movement\, MacDowell's pieces comb ine a pop surrealist aesthetic with deliberately recognizable popular cultu ral references gleaned from movies\, cartoons\, and music\, among others\, and transforms the known into powerful generational odes to discontent and dystopian irony. His work combines humor with criticism and an acerbic wit\ , unearthing the nightmares that lurk just beneath the veneer of celebrity culture and the cult of Disney. His work fearlessly taunts the obsequiousne ss of popular culture\, and its iconographies\, by creating unexpected inve rsions and re-combinations that gently tug at its unravelling strings.    < /span>


MacDowell's technical execution is highly detailed and seductive\, contr ibuting to the hallucinatory pleasure and draw of the work. In keeping with the tendency of the genre\, the more highly refined the execution\, the mo re effective the irreverence of the content\, and this certainly is the cas e with MacDowell's paintings.The work is at times controversial and unsettl ing\, but seems to combine contention and dissent with pleasure and whimsy. Highly accomplished at figuration and color\, the artist's work effectivel y conveys the vision of its hyperreality. The technicolor nightmares MacDow ell offers up are at times so densely populated with imagery that they feel bottomless\, like the contemporary equivalent of a Hieronymus Bosch Mediev al nightmare\, and at other times are sparse and perfectly simple. Each pie ce imparts the suggestion of narrative\, and reveals a story or core idea\, however obliquely\, that has motivated its juxtapositions and hooks. Distu rbing\, lascivious\, and funny\, each work is acuminate in its own abrupt r evelations.

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