1301PE is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition with Los Angeles-based artist Fiona Connor. Working at the intersection of architecture\, sculpture\, and installati on\, Fiona Connor encourages us to reflect on physical surroundings by re-c ontextualizing objects and creating disruptions in the built environment. H er painstakingly fabricated replicas of everyday objects function both as s culpture to be perceived\, and as stage pieces through which we can enact o ur own narratives.

Connor has often focused on the institutional space of the gallery or museum\, engaging with the overlooked framework up on which art resides. In 2009 she replicated the façade of Michael Lett's g allery inside the gallery space\, not once but fourteen times\, literally p utting the gallery on display. For What you bring with you to work ( 2010)\, she cut holes in the museum walls\, placed window frames over the h oles\, and let us peer behind the scenes. These were not generic windows\, however\, but facsimiles of the bedroom windows of individual gallery atten dants. More than simply institutional critique\, this work offered an intim ate look into the lives of others.

Her contribution to Made i n L.A. 2012\, the first Los Angeles biennial\, was a replica of the fir st few steps of the Hammer Museum's marble staircase\, placed across the lo bby by the front windows. Titled Lobbies on Wilshire\, her precise r eproduction functioned as both mimetic sculpture and interactive environmen t.

"I am interested in laying one scripted space over another to explore the way art is approached and our boundaries of engagement\, aband onment and empathy." – Fiona Connor

For Bare Use\, Connor looks to the restorative oasis of the spa\, fastidiously re-fabricating th e typical objects that characterize this environment – water fountain\, tow el case\, signs. She introduces these specific items to the gallery\, inves tigating what happens when the elements of one specialized space collide wi th another. Her sculptures operate on both aesthetic and performative level s: they are works of art based on functional objects\, and functional objec ts themselves\, dislocated from their origins.

Fiona Connor was born in Auckland\, New Zealand and lives and works in Los Angeles. She was included in the first Los Angeles biennial\, Made in L.A. 2012 at th e Hammer Museum\, and her 2010 solo show Murals and Print was the in augural exhibition at Various Small Fires\, Los Angeles\, CA. Recent group exhibitions include Gap\, Mark\, Sever and Return\, Human Resources\ , Los Angeles\, CA\; Concrete Situations\, Pact\, Essen\, Germany\; Experimental Impulse\, REDCAT\, Los Angeles\, CA\; You Are Here\, Artspace\, Auckland\, New Zealand\; and Octopus 8\, Gertrude Co ntemporary\, Melbourne\, Australia. In 2010 she was a finalist for New Zeal and's most prestigious contemporary art award\, the Walters Prize.

We are pleased to announce that we will be extending our current exhibition "Fiona Connor: Bare Use" through March 2.

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