OHWOW is pleased to announce Michael Genovese's second solo exhibition with the gallery\, titled < em style="font-size: small\;">Lines and Cracks and Zebras and Horses\, presenting a recently completed body of work based on lineation\, cleave\, and the concept implied by the a phorism: "When you hear hoof beats behind you\, don't expect to see a zebra ." A series of plasma-cut steel wall reliefs located throughout the gallery compose a subtle arrangement based equally on materiality and concept.


These raised\, sculptural "drawings" suggest following the maxim that commo n sense is the shortest distance between two points or to recognize the gra ce in directness. Genovese recreates various\, common occurrences of line – an architectural fracture\; a hair in the bathtub\; the mark of automatic writing\; a military line of demarcation\; a varicose vein\, or a simple fa bric seam. He considers where these delineations appear\, why they develop\ , and how they are finally perceived. With a piece titled Mimesis\ , 2013\, Genovese merges a crack found in a Pompeii fresco with a line from Metallica's …And Justice for All album cover artwork. By stitchin g these unrelated strands together\, Genovese formulates a new pattern\, bu t one that still reads as spontaneous as chance. The compound of seemingly disparate fissures subsequently reveals self-similar patterns\, as in the l ogic of fractal mathematics. Therefore\, variations in contour between unre lated sources are not as far removed from one other as they may first appea r\, and conceptually framed\, what one assumes a chasm may actually serve a s a suture.

Michael Genovese creates work that aims to connect w ith collective experiences\, be it social or existential. He speaks to the familiar\; however\, through mark making\, reduction\, or transformation of the recognizable\, he reassigns power. Rather than eliminating evidence or obscuring facts\, he re-contextualizes our perception of meaning and histo ry. His work deals with archives\, permanence\, and the designation of valu e. His concern with materiality and the treatment of his chosen media furth ers his investigation of worth. Genovese's particular approach\, and the wo rk's content\, move to alter our preconceptions\, changing our proximity to what is tangible. Lines and Cracks and Zebras and Horses traces p ressure\, time\, and the role of division\, or more aptly put\, it traces t he ideology of those measures\, questioning why we don't see something for what it isn't.

Michael Genovese (b. 1976\, Chic ago\, IL) currently lives and works in Los Angeles\, CA. Genovese's work ha s exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art\, Chicago\, IL\; University o f Texas at San Antonio\, San Antonio\, TX\; Chicago Cultural Center\, Chica go\, IL\; Patricia and Philip Frost Museum\, and Miami Art Museum\, Miami\, FL. OHWOW will be publishing a catalogue to accompany the exhibition\, inc luding artist notes\, images\, and sketches\, along with an essay by Shamim Momin.

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