Martha Otero Gallery is pleased to present Jen Stark’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles\,
To the Power Of.
Jen Stark’s wo rk is instantly recognizable for its breathtaking color spectrums rendered in
mind-bending forms cut from paper\, wood and other organic material s.
Stark's sculptures seemingly reconstruct elements of time\, nature and the cosmos on an
exponential scale. She draws inspiration for her works from the rhythmic visual qualities
of mandalas and other such sa cred objects\, while they simultaneously behave like the
imagery of to pographic maps\, geometric repetitions and three-dimensional prisms. Thisaligns directly with her interest in mathematics: ‘to the power of…’ be ing a statement of
exponential growth also infers the definition of ‘p ower’ as both the possession of
physical or mental control and the for titude to act decisively. Her unique experience
working with fibers is displayed in her delicately constructed patterns\, which resemble
the flowing movements of fabric versus the perceived rigidity her actual core materials.
Stark's unflinching attention to physical detail and a comm itment to shaping the object
into something far beyond its origins res ult in a body of work which borders on the
With eac h successive individual project\, Stark becomes bolder in her efforts to lu re
viewers into her kaleidoscopic environments. The work stands alone as a signature
piece of superior craftsmanship and imaginative prowess \, but Stark remains conscious
of how the work is inextricably bound t o real space and time. In this vein\, Stark pushes
the envelope of vis ual art production\, recalling both the psychedelic experience of Op
A rt and the endearment of handmade totems and mystic charms.
Jen Stark was born in Miami in 1983. She received her BFA from the Maryland Institute
College of Art in 2005\, with a concentration in fibers and a minor i n animation. Stark was
the 2008 recipient of the South Florida Cultura l Consortium's Visual and Media Artist
Fellowship and\, in the same ye ar\, won first prize at MOCA North Miami's 10th annual
Optic Nerve Fil m Festival. Stark's work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in
Chicago\, New York\, Toronto\, Los Angeles\, London and Miami. Stark has been the
subject of televised interviews for PBS Arts\, WLRN South Florida and the Wet Heat
Project. Stark's work is held in the permane nt collections of the Smithsonian American
Art Museum's Renwick Galler y in Washington\, D.C.\, the Museum of Contemporary Art in
North Miami \, the West Collection in Oaks\, Pennsylvania\, and the Cricket and Martin< br />Taplin Collection at the Sagamore Hotel in Miami Beach. Stark lives an d works in Los
For more information\, please contact Jul ie Machado\, at 323.951.1068 or visit our
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