As long as there has been civilization\, there have been pro phecies of
the end. Meanwhile\, the world continues to turn. The reaso n for the
total abandonment of Mayan cities remains uncertain in the e yes of
science\, yet their calendar end date has been seized by contem porary
society as the next chance to imagine our end.

As th e apocalypse looms\, what does it mean for people living their
lives? Is it right to trust in the moment\, rather than the end? Should
peopl e skip work and plant community gardens? Is it back to bartering
and s ix shooters? Is this finally the chance to set out for uncharted
lands capes hunting the treasures that haunt your dreams? To some the
end is a grim and brutal final judgment\, to others the dawning of a
golden age.

Prophecy Territory is the first in a series of End of the W orld Events
at the Dutch Door Fallout Shelter aimed creating a pleasur able
environment to embrace the end of the world.

Work by: Vanessa LaValle\, Robin Latkovich\, Liza Rifkin\, and Wes Johansen


Organized by Molly Shea

LOCATION:Dutch Door at RAID Projects Los Angeles\,602 Moulton Avenue \nLos Angeles\, California 90032 SUMMARY:Prophecy Territory\, Wes Johansen\, Robin Latkovich\, Vanessa LaVal le\, Liza Rifkin END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR