den contemporary is pleased to present “Entwined Affairs” featuring Los Angeles-based artists Tanya A guiñiga and Danielle McCullough\, who create work s that initiate an interplay of the practical in fine art and the poetic in craft. What ties the two artists together is the spirit of interweaving cu ltures and traditions.

Installation artist and furniture designe r Tanya Aguiñiga takes inspiration for techniques and materials from artisa ns she has worked with around the globe from Alaska to the Northeastern U.S .\, and from Mexico and India. To create the 16-foot felt wall piece in the exhibition\, Aguiñiga gathered homeless relief blankets from thrift stores to use as her material\, and then applied a weaving technique she learned in Chiapas\, Mexico. In her work\, she combines a playfulness and crisp mod ernist approach to form with a passionate sensitivity to tactile materials\ , bringing about a commitment to craftsmanship while interconnecting cultur es and promoting community consciousness.

Danielle McCullough re fers to her wall pieces as “loom-like paintings\,” and her practice incorpo rates concepts of the workplace\, both modern and traditional labor\, machi ne and hand created. McCullough repurposes abandoned scraps from the garmen t manufacturing industry such as leather and felt that have existing patter ned cut-outs\, which reflects the history of the material as an intended\, mass-produced commercial product. The piece Gleaning From Omelas (Yellow)\, composed mainly of rope and felt\, recalls a Modernist composition by Piet Mondrian but with a loose network of paths and intersections randomly punc tuated by painted colorful clumps of clay. Another piece titled neither hid e nor hair is an outstretched network made of leather with painted flag-lik e patterns and an overall outline resembling hung cowhide\, bringing the re ference back to the origins of the material.


About the Artists

Tanya Aguiñiga - While earning her BA in 2003 from San Diego State U niversity\, she began working as an educator at the San Diego Museum of Art and created collaborative installations with the Border Arts Workshop\, an artists’ group that engages the languages of activism and community-based public art. She received her MFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2005 . Her work has been exhibited from Mexico City to Miami to Milan\, and in 2 011\, Aguiñiga was a featured artist in an exhibition at the Craft and Folk Art Museum\, Los Angeles. She has been honored with a United States Artist s Target Fellowship in the field of Crafts and Traditional Arts\, and has r eceived awards such as the Searchlight Artist from American Craft Council\, the NEA Challenge Grant\, and others. Among the publications featuring her work are Los Angeles Times\, Elle Décor\, Ready Made\, Metropolitan Home M agazine\, and Wallpaper. She presently teaches at Otis College of Art and D esign.

Danielle McCullough received her MFA from Ohio University School of Art in 2005\, and her BA from University of Northern Iowa in 200 2. Her work has exhibited work in Los Angeles\, Seattle\, Berlin &\; New York.  She recently collaborated with artist Gabie Strong on Blast Site: A Workshop for Conjecture which was a sculptural\, textual\, edible and educ ational performance-based work as part of the High Desert Test Sites New Ev eryday Life Workshop series in Joshua Tree\, CA.  She is a recipient of gra nts from the Creative Capacity Fund\, Change\, Inc.\, Ohio University Trave l Grant (to study in Italy)\, and an artist residency at The Vermont Studio Center.  McCullough is an active participant in Panel Shop\, a collective co-founded by Andrea Zittel to help provide emerging artists with side inco me through the generation of specialty household design products.  She is a lso the co-founder of Los Angeles Art Resource\, an on-line forum for the L os Angeles arts community.

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