The Riverside Art Museum (RAM) announces the opening of Josh Blackwell/Roger White\, an exhibition of recent work s by two artists stretching the imaginary limits of common objects\, from B lackwell’s repurposing of everyday detritus into artistic tableaus\, to Whi te’s paintings and works on paper that read like uncanny portraits of inani mate things. The exhibition runs from July 12 to September 22\, 2011. The o pening reception for this exhibit and three others is July 15 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

In this exhibi tion\, Blackwell presents an installation of a theme he has furtively inves tigated since the middle 2000s: the unassuming plastic bag as an art object . Utilitarian and easily recognizable\, the bag in itself has a short shelf -life in common use\, often used once and rendered as trash. By intricately embroidering patterns and swaths of color onto the plastic bags\, Blackwel l changes the merit of how we perceive them\, and the basis of what differe ntiates objects from being seen as either low or high culture. Often repeti tious in pattern and vibrant in palette\, these works emphasize their ragta g appearance as humble remarks against the formal limits of minimalism.

White presents a series of recent paintings and works on paper for the exhibition that embraces a simi lar ethic of subtlety and choice. Throughout his career\, White’s work has been an ongoing address to the limits and possibilities of rendering an obj ect as a finished image. Often no more than the objects readily available a round him (a dress shirt\, a Brita water filter\, or the sun)\, the images blur the line between the heft of physicality and the colors White uses\, c reating a middle ground of abstractive vagueness to explore. White will be presented in the exhibition by six new paintings focusing around patterns a nd common objects\, as well as four watercolors produced within the past tw o years.

Josh Blackwell and Roger White have had numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the world. Blackwell has had solo exhibitions at Kate Macgarry\, London\, Rach el Uffner Gallery in New York\, and Mary Goldman Gallery in Los Angeles. He currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts\, New York\, and is represe nted by Kate Macgarry in London and John Tevis Gallery in Paris. White has recently presented his works in exhibitions at the Mitchell-Innes &\; Na sh and Friedrich Petzel galleries\, both in New York\, and had a solo exhib ition of his works at Rachel Uffner Gallery\, New York in 2010. He is repre sented by Rachel Uffner. He currently teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design.

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