Regen Projects is pleased to announce "Highschool Football" an\n exhibition of new photographs by Catherine Opie. Like her surfer\n series\, this new body of work will feature large-scale landscapes as\n well as portraits. In this ser ies Opie shifts her gaze to the culture\n of American masc ulinity and the passage from adolescence into manhood.\n T hese works were photographed in a variety of locales throughout the\n country including Louisiana\, San Diego\, Los Angeles\, and Ala ska.

The Football series continues Opie's exploration of docu mentary\n photography and the notion of community and how communities are formed\n and identified. No matter where y ou go in America\, you will find a\n football field and th e culture that surrounds this practice is always\n the sam e and transcends boundaries of location. This is a truly\n universal American male practice. The portraits in the Football series\n examine representations of gender\, specifically masculinit y. These\n seductive works have an arresting presence that completely infiltrates\n the eye and psyche of the viewer . We are presented with images of high\n school aged boys on the verge of manhood. These portraits document the\n se lf-constructed identities of people and the places they live\, taking\n the universal identity found in the landscape photos into a m ore\n regional realm.

Catherine Opie's work i s an ongoing investigation into the identity of\n contempo rary America and its cities\, communities\, and people. The\n structure of urban and suburban space and how communities begin to form \n and the identities that surround these communities is t he connective\n tissue found within her work. Opie's work has always investigated the\n figure in relation to the la ndscape &ndash\; she is an expert in both portrait\n and l andscape and her work disregards the polarities typically found\n within these approaches. Opie's work offers reflection upon the aut hority vested in photography to\n communicate specific gro up parameters within a society and conversely\n how images amplify human individualization.

"Opie may indeed employ a r elatively accessible\, even conventional\,\n method of pho tography to map individuals in relation to broader social\n codes\, but\, conversely\, her pictures also indicate how such codes have \n been re-appropriated and reformulated by the individual &hellip\;Opie's various\n photographic series of the past decade are linked together by a\n conceptual framework org anized around the notion of cultural\n portraiture. Here\, the identities\, meanings and ontological gravity of\n pe ople\, places and edifices are indexed on the surface\, and excavated\n from beneath the surface"
(Joshua Decter. "Between Obse rvation and Engagement: Opie as\n Interlocutor\, Picturing Lives" in Catherine Opie\, published by The\n Photographe rs Gallery\, London\, 2001\, p. 52)

Catherine Opie's work has been the subject of exhibitions throughout\n Europe and th e United States. Recent solo exhibitions include the\n Wal ker Art Center\, Minneapolis\; The Saint Louis Art Museum\, St. Louis\;\n Photographers' Gallery\, London\; Museum of Contemporary Ar t\, Chicago\;\n and Museum of Contemporary Art\, Los Angel es. Opening in September 2008\n at the Solomon R. Guggenhe im Museum will be a mid-career survey on\n Opie's work. A monograph will be published on the occasion of that\n exhi bition.

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