In the summer of 2006\, John O'Brien\, director of the Brewery Project\, generously invited HAUS to curate an exhibition in that space. Since our inaugural exhibition\, "OPEN HAUS\," was successful in raising funds for Pasadena's Union Station Foundation\, we saw this as an opportunity to aid in a current world crisis.

\n< p align="justify"> The HA USGUESTS exhibition was an event both to highlight the quantity and diversity of artists in the Los Angeles area AND to benefit the Darfur region of Sudan. HAUS donated all profit fr om its 50% sales commissions from this event to In addition\, each artist participating in this exhibition recei ved\, compliments of HAUS\, a wristband which\, it is hoped\, fur thers awareness and education efforts by stimulating conversation on the Darfur crisis. (Since we believe artists are all-too-freq uently asked to donate their work for worthy causes\, any artists ’ donations from this event were entirely voluntary. Nevertheless \, most artists donated either all or a part of their proceeds as well.)


Accor ding to the SaveDarfur website (\, “Darfur has been e mbroiled in a deadly conflict for over three years. At least 400\ ,000 people have been killed\, more than two million innocent civilians have been forced to flee their homes and now live in displaced-perso ns camps in Sudan or in refugee camps in neighboring Chad and mor e than 3.5 million men\, women\, and children are completely reli ant on international aid for survival. Not since the Rwandan geno cide of 1994 has the world seen such a calculated campaign of dis placement\, starvation\, rape\, and mass slaughter … António Gute rres\, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees\, has de scribed the situation in Sudan and Chad as ‘the largest and most complex humanitarian problem on the globe.’”


Not wan ting to limit the work exhibited\, we decided to "tie" the work t ogether by title only. Hence\, the “guests” in HAUSGUESTS were not just the visitor s to the gallery\, but also the exhibited artworks themselves\, t itled with the name of a real or imaginary person. And since a di verse group of artists was invited to participate in this exhibit ion\, a wide variety of “guests” was exhibited. Most work was wal l-mounted and did not exceed 24" x 24" in size.


< span style="font-family: Verdana\,Arial\,Helvetica\,sans-serif\; font-size: x-small\;">We appreciate the opportunity to aid in the Darfur cr isis and thank all the artists\, volunteers and collectors who he lped to make this such a successful event.

LOCATION:The Brewery\,1920 North Main Street \nLos Angeles\, California 900 31 SUMMARY:HAUSGUESTS\, Natalie Kahn Aguilar\, Cathy Allen\, Victoria Almeida\ , Melinda Smith Altshuler\, Fumiko Amano\, Nena Amsler\, Richard Ankrom\, N icole Antebi\, M. C. Armstrong\, Dawn Arrowsmith\, Walter Askin\, Annabelle Aylmer\, Hilary Baker\, Kireilyn Barber\, Denice Bartels\, Stephanie Bartr on\, Barbara Berk\, Lynne Berman\, Luis Bermudez\, Heimir Björgúlfsson\, Pa mela Bjorklund\, Phillipa Blair\, Douglas C. Bloom\, Rodney Boone\, Amy Bou se\, Nancy Braver\, Angie Bray\, Daniel Brodo\, Ada Pullini Brown\, Heather Brown\, Richard Bruland\, Isabelle Bryer\, Ellen Burr\, Carlton Calvin\, L oran Calvin\, Joyce Campbell\, Elaine Carhartt\, Jamison Carter\, Ben Chase \, YaYa Chou\, Polly Chu\, Maryrose Cobarrubias Mendoza\, Dianna Cohen\, Su san Connell\, Eileen Cowin\, Christine Cross\, Jonathan Cross\, Katy Crowe\ , Joe Davidson\, Michael Davis\, Mimi Drop\, Ted Duarte\, Mark Dutcher\, To m Eatherton\, Michael Falzone\, Nicholas Fedak II\, Samantha Fields\, Aliso n Foshee\, Karen Frimkess Wolff\, Lauren Gabriele\, Kathy Gallegos\, Martin Gantman\, Myra Gantman\, John Garrett\, Randy Gavazzo\, Bia Gayotto\, John Geary\, George Gebhard\, Megan Geckler\, Suvan Geer\, mat gleason\, Richar d Godfrey\, Alexandra Grant\, David Grant\, Phyllis Green\, Margaret Griffi th\, D. J. Grossi\, Lucy and Misato Suzuki H.G.\, James Hill\, Jennifer Hil l\, Billy Hix\, Mark Hix\, David Holland\, Stan Hunter\, Flora Ito\, Janet Jenkins\, Dave Johnson\, Gian-Martin Joller\, Avonel Jones\, Gegam Kacheria n\, Joan Kahn\, Barbara Kerwin\, Jim (1) Keville\, Jim (2) Keville\, Tulsa Kinney\, Alex Kritselis\, Tom Krumpak\, Kerry Kugelman\, Nicola Lamb\, Dean Larson\, Laura Larson\, Mimi Lauter\, Amy (1) Lawlor\, Amy (2) Lawlor\, Ce cilia Hae-Jin Lee\, Crystal Yachin Lee\, John C. Lewis\, Edward Lightner\, Ron Linden\, Nancy Lissaman\, Rebecca Lowry\, Mela M.\, Michael Maas\, Matt MacFarland\, Audrey Mandelbaum\, Eraldo Mauro\, Siobhan McClure\, Mery Lyn n McCorkle\, Susan McDonnell\, Cynthia Minet\, Nancy Monk\, Christine Morla \, Thomas Müller\, christina muraczewski\, Kevin Myers\, Rebecca Niederland er\, Danial Nord\, Toti O'Brien\, Richard Osaka\, Ann Page\, Felicia Page\, Robin Palanker\, Laurel Paley\, Kris Panagiotis\, J. Pangburn-Dennis\, Kyl e Parker\, Laura Parker\, Cathie Partiridge\, Tom Allen Pathé\, Jeanne Patt erson\, Michelle Pauline\, Deborah Paulsen\, Atilio Pernisco\, Cielo Pessio ne\, David Allan Peters\, Lee Pratt\, Suzanne Pratt\, Diane Prozeller\, Eli zabeth Pulsinelli\, Cheryl R.\, William Rabe\, Roland Reiss\, Rebecca Rippl e\, Roxene Rockwell\, Steve Roden\, Leslie Rosdol\, Greg Rose\, Jaime Ross\ , Frank Rozasy\, Ben Sakoguchi\, Michael Salerno\, Leigh Salgado\, Simon Sa nanas\, Emily Savoie\, Jaime Scholnick\, Julie Scott\, E. L. Scotto\, Denis e Seider\, Danny Shain\, George Sherman\, Megan Sherwood\, Yuri Shin\, Fran Siegel\, Mahara T. Sinclaire\, Ellen Slatkin\, Eric Justin Smail\, Jaeger Smith\, Joe Soldate\, Gretel Stephens\, Don Suggs\, Sharon Suhovy\, Jill Sy kes\, Mercedes Teixido\, Cynthia Thiel\, Deborah Thomas\, Barbara Thomason\ , Sarah Todd\, Nancy Turner-Smith\, Paul Tzanetopoulos\, Carrie Ungerman\, Alla Vilesova\, Hoang (1) Vu\, Hoang (2) Vu\, Miki Warner\, Pat Warner\, Sh ari Wasson\, Audra Weaser\, Amy Weliky\, Daniel Wheeler\, Lea Whittington\, Daniel Williams\, Julia Wilson\, Nan Wollman\, Kay Yee\, Andre Yi\, John Z arcone\, Jody Zellen\, Dan Zinno END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR