Primarily known for his wall mounted and free standing simul ated wildlife hunting trophies of genetically altered animal species\, mult i media artist Joshua Levine has ventured into the world of bronze miniatur es with his newest series My Menagerie. Levine’s fascination with man’s man ipulation of the natural world has continued in this recent body of work. W hile the artist’s ongoing ‘Trophy’ series is directly tied to our contempor ary world and the ever-reaching futuristic possibilities of cloning and gen etic tampering\, Levine’s toy sized bronzes recall a much earlier time. A t ime when imagination and artisan know-how\, instead of science\, were the t ools to manufacture a bizarre unnatural world. Much the same way we now att empt to create order out of chaos by controlling and perfecting our environ ment through genetic manipulation\, centuries ago mythological creatures su ch as the Chimera\, the Baku\, and the Griffin were invented as a means to feel a sense of power over the unexplained. These strange animals\, like Le vine’s\, were mixed species in the most bizarre combinations. Mammals and r eptiles\, predatory and docile\, all spliced together to form a whole new b eing. Whereas the Gods of men once held the power to create such unlikely c reatures\, now we turn to science to compose the impossible.

In addition to mythological creatures\, Levine is deeply interested in the ea rliest collection and display of exotic animals practiced by royalty dating back to the Middle Ages. The ‘menageries’ consisted often of gifts from vi siting dignitaries\, and were meant to demonstrate the wealth and power of the sovereign. While certainly not a real life display of Chimera type faun a\, the animals would have been sufficiently exotic to seem as such to the courtiers or wealthy public who viewed them. Later\, the touring menagerie became popular which eventually evolved into the modern circus. The thrill of a ‘curiosity’ or ‘freak of nature’ was big entertainment then\, as it st ill is in other facets today. With “My Menagerie” Levine grabs onto our inn ate fascination with the bizarre and unnatural.

Joshua Levine w as born in Boston and raised in Miami. He studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and earned an MFA from the University of Miami. Levine has shown previously at Ambrosino Gallery in Miami\, LUXE Gallery in New Y ork\, Irvine Contemporary Gallery in Washington DC\, The MidTown Manhattan Art Library\, Byblos in Verona\, Italy\, Art Basel Miami Beach\, SCOPE Base l\, SCOPE Miami\, the Bronx River Art Center\, Bronx\, New York\, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami and had the inaugural exhibit in the INSI GHT program at the Moore College of Art Design in Philadelphia\, PA.

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