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Opening night reception: \nS aturday\, February 16\, 2008 from 7-10 pm

< P class="MsoNormal" style="text-align: justify\;margin-bottom: 0.25in\; ">< SPAN style="">The Avenue 50 Studio is proud to present\nan exhibition of spiritual and political art by Francisco Letelier.  Letelier bridges\ncontine nts and weaves together history and contemporary experience\, creating\nart work that is powerful and memorable.  Born in Chile\, he is known both\nfor his visual art and his perceptive writing\, spoken word and poetry.

Letelier has completed murals\, public\nartworks and pri vate commissions throughout the United States\, Latin America\nand Europe.  The artist has collaborated on projects with diverse artists\nand writers such as Ariel Dorfman\, Quincy Jones\, Bonnie Rait\, U2\, Tom Hayden\nand J ane Goodall.  He received a Grammy Nomination in Package Design for\nwork o n musician Jackson Browne’s “World in Motion” release.  The widely\npublici zed\, “Becoming the Circle”\, a mural at the historic Pioneer Bakery in\nVe nice\, included portraits of those who live in the surrounding Oakwood\nnei ghborhood.  His monumental ceramic tile murals\, “El Sol and La Luna”\nador n the Westlake/MacArthur Park Metro Rail Station in Los Angeles.  The\nwork s carry on the legacy of the Chilean mural tradition and serve as a symbol\ nfor the diversity of the City of Los Angeles.

Mor e recently\, Letelier traveled to the\nAmazon in Iquitos\, Peru and created murals with Patch Adams\, known for his work\nthat combines medical care a nd humor through the Organization\n"Gesundheit."  Letelier led a team of ar tists helping advance\nthe transformation of a section of Belen\, the poore st neighborhood in Iquitos. \nThe artist continued traveling south\, return ing to Santiago\, Chile to create\n"La Mujer del Bosque\, at the Orlando Le telier Clinic in the working class\ndistrict of El Bosque.

Francisco is the son of Orlando Letelier\,\nwho was assassinated i n Washington DC in 1976.  The car bombing was the\nfirst act of internation al terrorism to occur in the nation’s Capital.  Agents\nfrom the Chilean se cret police acting under orders from former Chilean dictator\nGeneral Augus to Pinochet and in collaboration with anti Castro Cuban terrorists\nwere in volved in the conspiracy.

Francisco Letelier is th e subject of the\ndocumentary "Painted Son" by prize winn ing cinematographer\nChristopher Gallo.

His editor ials and artwork have appeared\nin many publications including the Los Ange les Times\, Washington Post\, New York\nTimes\, Le Monde\, The Guardian and The Mimi Herald.

When:            Saturday\, February 16\, 2008\nfrom 7-10 pm

Where:< FONT class="Apple-style-span" face="MS Serif\, New York\, serif">  < /SPAN>            Avenue\n50 Studio\, 131 No. Ave nue 50\, Highland Park\, CA  < FONT class="Apple-style-span" face="MS Serif\, New York\, serif">90042

Contact: \n            Kathy\nGa llegos\, Director\, 323/258-1435

Duration:            February\n4 through March 2\, 2008

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