OPEN STUDIOS is an bi-annual invitation in t he Fall and Spring for the public to explore contemporary art and the uniqu e\, behind-the-scenes working environment of artists in the diverse graduat e art programs at California State University\, Long Beach. Open Studios is brought to you by the Fine Arts Round Table at CSULB.


CSULB is home to the largest public MFA program on the west coast and f eatures printmaking\, ceramics\, painting\, drawing\, metals\, sculpture\, fiber\, photography\, video\, illustration\, graphic design\, jewelry\, and performance.


During the Fall\, Open Studios is pre sented in cooperation with the GLAMFA exhibition reception. With over 70 ar tists represented in the two programs\, the day at CSULB promises one of th e most ambitious surveys of emerging art in Southern California.

LOCATION:CSULB Art Department Galleries\,1250 Bellflower Boulevard \nLong B each\, CA SUMMARY:MFA Open Studios\, Julia Barbee\, Brian Borlaug\, Chris Bratton\, N ancy Chiu\, Jordan Christian\, Todd Ciborowski\, Catherine Davis\, Harry Di az\, Eamonn Fox\, Aaron Giesel\, Lydia Tjioe Hall\, Lana Lingan\, Claudia M orales McCain\, Annelie McKenzie\, Alyce Haliday McQueen\, Yevgeniya Mikhai lik\, Elise Preiss\, Jennifer Reifsneider\, Justin Schaefer\, Nicole Sloan\ , Allison Stewart\, Lisa Talbot\, Camilla Taylor\, Nancy Voegeli-Curran\, M atthew Winkler\, Joel Woodard END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR