VCUarts' Kinetic Imaging is seeking call for submissions for the upcoming show Resonance

That which we cannot control has the potential to become a source of insecurity and truth. To uncover one's own vulnerability in relation to chaos is to explore the dichotomy of growth versus stagnation due to fear of the future and the haunting residue of the past. Learning to accept and utilize what you find to be uncomfortable or taboo can be as powerful a source of inspiration as what we love. When we are passionate about our fears, they become compelling sources of creativity that communicate and examine ideas related to the unknown. We are looking for works that explore the grotesque, atrocious, disgusting, repellant, and horrifying emotions that we refer to as the detestable. In addition, we seek work that examines the reward, outcome, gain, and fulfilling nature of that which we overcome. Works should be single channel video, sound, live performance, or animation that is a maximum of 7 minutes in length and should be submitted as .mov or .mp3 format. Works should be submitted no later than April 14, 2014.

 For more information, please contact :

  Kimberly Barnes