New International Videoart Open Call by Magmart

Magmart | video under volcano, the well known international videoart festival, has becomed biennal, so the next edition will start on autumn 2014, to end on spring 2015. But in the meanwhile, we don't stop to hard work for international videoart.
After the great success of 100x100=900 Project - launched to celebrate the 50th of videoart - we are now on the run with a new, exciting project, ready to replay and lick the success of 100x100=900.
The previous project was focused on the narration of 1900s, and to realize it we have directly call 100 videoartists from all over the world, each of which has realized a video artwork on one of 100 years of previous century. This great project - 100 videos, almost 7 hours of screening - has been carried around the world with success: thanks to over 50 international partners, the 100x100=900 tour has reach around 60 locations in more than 20 nations - from Europe to North and South America, to Asia - for about 350 days of screening.
You can read more about at official website:
Like for previous project, the goal is always the same: look into the gaze of videoartists on the mankind. And if for 100x100=900 the subject was the human history of 1900s, F.I.V.E. focused on our senses - so on how we relate with other than one self. Senses are the medium between the world and us. Are the instruments of feeling. They channel to us all the informations that become from universe, they supply - even literally - the food for our body and for our mind.
Like any interface, they are two-faced. So the artist's research can be oriented to one of two - or both. Therefore, the theme of human senses should be an intriguing challenge for artists. And this can generate a positive and intense answer.
Sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch. Through these five senses we interact with the world - and with other human peoples. They are our interface.
F.I.V.E., this new project, want explore the five senses.
The number five is a joining link too. Between the 5 senses, the 5 continents (where we want bring the project's tour) and the artists. An international jury will select, among submitted videos, five videoartists for each continent, in a manner that give back 25 videos, 5 for continent and 5 for sense.
Participation at F.I.V.E. is based on an open call for all videoartists, worldwide.
All the submitted videos (that match all our rules) become part of WIDE F.I.V.E., the online exhibit, that will be available on project website.
Between all submitted videos, a Jury will select 25 videos. The selected videos will match these fundamental requirements: for each continent the Jury select five videos, for each sense the Jury select five videos.
In this way, will result 25 videos, created by 25 different videoartists, five from each continent, and five videos about each sense.
These 25 videos will become the core of project, and will be bring around the world with the F.I.V.E. international tour.
Any participant artist, when register on website, will be matched to a sense. The match will be done automatically by a system that consider the amount of assignments already done for each sense, and then act new match in a manner focused to keep a balance between all matched senses. This with the goal to have roughly the same number of video artworks about any sense.
All artists can participate with a max of 5 videos (one for sense), but the Jury will select 25 different artists, so to submit more than one video can increase the chance to be selected, but in any case just one can be included in the international tour.
The project work on two, different tracks: the artists and the curators.
Through an international call, the project mean collect videos on every senses, by a wide parterre of videoartists.
Through a collaborative program - like that involved for previous project - F.I.V.E. mean constitute a panel of curators, that will work to bring the project around the five continents.
You are invited to be part of this project! If you are an artist or a curator - or both - you can be involved in this new exciting adventure on videoart.
You can read more about rules on project official website:
Don't forget, on new Magmart website - - always available news about international videoart, constantly udated!