Call for Submissions: A BEAUTIFUL DREAM

Exhibition: November 21st

Reception: Thursday, November 21st

Deadline: November 14th 2013

Seeking submissions in any media for A BEAUTIFUL DREAM, an exhibition

curated by Adrienne Sweetman in collaboration with Project Gallery. The opening

reception will be held on the evening of Thursday November 21st

This exhibition will showcase works aiming to portray utopic visions, landscapes,

and subject matter. Works that express or explore the innocence, perfection and

beauty of a child’s imaginative perspectives, observations and hopes for the

world - full of creativity, innocence, adventure, and optimism. Proceeds from the

exhibition will go to the Olive Branch for Children, an organization that aims to

provide sustenance and aid to orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

Since Sir Thomas More coined the term in the 16th

and thinkers have dreamt up their own version of Utopia. However, imagining

the perfect world is not the sole purvey of philosophers and esotericists. Artists,

entrepreneurs and international agencies all use visions of a better society, a

better world, to bring their ideas to life.

When you are young, the possibility of creating your own utopia seems a matter

of reaching out and grabbing the opportunities waiting for you. It is only as you

grow and age that the reality of the world makes itself apparent and what you

can achieve in your life shrinks in scale. The dreams you strive for become

dependant on the support and resources you receive. But think back to those

days when anything seemed possible…

Artist interested should submit the following:

• Up to 5 Photos or up to 2 videos of your work


• A brief artist bio/statement - up to 200 words

• Contact information – including phone number and website/blog

to: by November 14th 2013

cc: submissions@projectgallerytoronto.c...

(quoting ‘A BEAUTIFUL WORLD’ in the email subject)


Typically artists selected to exhibit at Project Gallery contribute a nominal exhibition fee of

50-125$ based on exhibit duration as well as size and number of pieces exhibited. Fees go

towards operating and maintaining of the gallery, exhibition promotions and printed materials,

photography/videography, reception bar/food and SOP permits. Exhibition fees can be flexibly

offset by commission negotiations.

About the Olive Branch for Children:

The Olive Branch for Children believes that giving a child the opportunity to

dream of their future is the key to ambition and success. It is in the hands of

these amazing individuals to transform their communities and countries. That is

how we approach the care of orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania. By

providing superior nutrition, education, love and support, we create the conditions

for children to hope and dream – and construct the lives they never thought could

be possible. Our dream is that every child, regardless of what country or family

they were born into, has the chance to strive for any future they can dream up –


The Olive Branch for Children is a grassroots NGO that helps remote

communities in Tanzania assess their primary needs and establish programs

that target the most vulnerable. Our goal is to establish community-led programs

that empower remote communities and generate models that can be replicated

in communities throughout Tanzania and elsewhere. We focus on HIV/

AIDS prevention and care, early childhood education, food security, financial

empowerment, community outreach, and vulnerable children and women.