Call for Graphic Artists: A Single Grain of Rice


Paris - Galerie Métanoïa, in the heart of Paris near Centre Pompidou, is calling for young artists to submit their small-scale creations on paper or canvas (works up to 8.6 in. x 6.3 in.) for an exhibition and competition entitled "A Single Grain of Rice."

The show, taking place from November 1st through 14th of this year, 2013, invites the public to see the universe anew through a kaleidoscope of chosen, small-size artworks presented in an enticing way. The exhibition’s title, "A Single Grain of Rice", refers to a popular Japanese saying that ‘each grain of rice houses 88 deities’. This is alluding to the 88 necessary steps to prepare rice for consumption, a symbolic number that emphasizes just how much each individual grain is infinitely complex and dear. In our era of consumerism and excess it is crucial to remember just how precious small artworks are for they offer us a window or microcosm onto the very same patterns found at even the highest levels of the Cosmos.

The competition of “A Single Grain of Rice" will grant two awards (to be announced during the exhibition’s closing ceremony): The Metanoia Prize, offers the winning artist the choice between the gallery’s purchasing € 1000 worth of his or her selected works, or alternatively, the opportunity to have a one-week solo exhibition in the gallery. The Public’s Prize, determined by popular vote, open to all visitors coming to the gallery for the duration of the event, offers the top five artists their own group exhibition at Galerie Métanoïa in 2014.

Deadline for entries: 31st of August 2013. For further information consult our website: